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Hi team,

I’m a new seller. I would like to know - I added an Item to sell with a specific UPC. Somebody already tried to sell this item a few months ago but he doesn’t anymore.
The thing is that the item is still on Amazon with old pictures. I added mine but I noticed that I appear when I click on ‘Available from these sellers’

But the main item is still the old one, even if the guy who put that is now inactive.
Where can I change that ?

Is it possible, even if we have the same UPC ?

Thanks a lot.

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If you have uploaded your images to the ‘Images’ tab found when you click the ‘Edit’ button to the far right of the product found on the ‘Manage Inventory’ and those images are not replacing the old images, then the issue is you do not have [Page Ownership|] to make the changes.

If you recently uploaded the images, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for images to be replaced. If you have waited 24 hours and the images have not changed, you need to open a case with Seller Support to request the changes. To do so, click Contact Seller Support at the bottom of this page. Click ‘Products and Inventory’ and then ‘Product Page Issue’ and then click the radial for ‘Fix a product page’.

Fill out the form and a case will be opened for the catalog team to review and make the change should they feel its required. You will want to include as much supporting data as you can to prove. The item listing (URL) for the manufacturer’s website, for example, would be helpful. Do not rely on Amazon to assume anything.

Changes are usually done within a day as long as they agree with your request.



Thanks for your help.

I went to the page you gave me. But on the STEP 1 - when it comes time to search the product (UPC or ASIN) the page dosen’t find anything… That’s weird.

So, I,m not able to continue the process…

Thanks for your help.

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