Changes to shipping charge corrections for seller-fulfilled returns


Amazon thinks everything automated runs perfectly. What goes out must come back the same way. Forget that human customers a) sometimes don’t return the entire order, b) rips up the shipping box then uses another box for returns, c) sellers can absorb losses because sellers are always turning a profit, like Amazon.

Amazon decision makers are out of touch with how humans make transactions.


According to the help page you need to make a case for a “CHARGEBACK ISSUE”

I would love to know if anyone has even been successful?


And we have a BINGO. Instead of Amazon adjusting the rates, they state we somehow screwed up.

Hint Hint Amazon raise the return shipping by 0.04 and that will fix 90% of your issues


Will we be able to bill buyers $18 for bad addresses? Or even just the outgoing freight expense?

Does anyone know yet if a weight and or size adjustment on a return will make an adjustment in the catalog potentially creating dirty data for all future shipments?

How does the system determine the return label with UPS now? Getting 1.5 lb lug nuts returned UPS with a 4 lb label. Catalog is correct for size and weight of outgoing package. Return labels have NEVER been correct. Where is it pulling the return label data from as it is clearly not from the catalog.


Man, I really hate that creepy, drop shipping “cavalier” seller. Doubt you’ll get your original book back.


Hi sellers, I’ll be providing some updates from the partner teams below in response to questions and comments above.

Amazon is improving and clarifying customers’ return instructions to better communicate the importance of tight and light packaging.

In line with industry standards, Amazon is passing on return shipping correction charges from carriers. Amazon is also improving and clarifying customers’ return instructions to better communicate the importance of tight and light packaging.

In the vast majority of cases, these fees are driven by incorrect weight and/or dimensions when purchasing the label. To avoid these fees, you should confirm that your products’ dimensions and/or weight are accurate in your product listing pages and that the shipping dimensions are correct when shipping the product out.

Amazon is focused on improving the customer facing return process. In order to reduce the buyer impact Amazon will modify the instructions and messaging in the customer-facing side of the returns process to communicate the importance of tight and light packaging.

If the cost of a pre-paid label is greater than what the carrier has charged, the Seller will be credited for the difference.


You may be eligible for a reimbursement for an Amazon issued refund through SAFE-T claims if a materially different item is returned to you. For more information visit the SAFE-T policy page


If your return address is correct and your dimensions and weight match the carrier’s dimensions and weight, you will not be charged.


Roll that out first, THEN think about passing along the cost, and then stop.

And when that information IS correct, and an extra shipping charge occurs, what happens? What about for folks who have had their listings &^#@$& with by blackhats, who actually CANNOT change their listings to be accurate? What do they do?

Again, this needs to be done well in advance of you pushing out this change on Sellers.

Highly, highly doubtful.

Sellers are regularly denied SAFE-T claims, even when providing incontrovertible proof that the buyer has sent something materially different than what was shipped. How will you guys be fixing that process?

This is flat-out wrong, based on the screenshots that have been posted in this thread. Many people are being charged for shipping dimensions that match what the carrier has.


If you use Amazon Buy Shipping, we encourage you to input your weight and dimensions when you purchase a label in addition to updating the product listing.


If you believe you have incorrectly been charged for a shipping correction charge on behalf of the carrier, you may reach out to Amazon using this link


Oh, thanks, didn’t think of that! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


You will receive a monthly email explaining which packages resulted in carrier shipping correction charges. If you don’t have any charges, or credits, due to return and/or incorrect product attributes, you won’t receive an email.

If you had a shipping correction charge in September, you should have received an email on 12/15 with additional details explaining which packages drove the carrier shipping correction charges. To avoid these fees, Sellers are encouraged to use the grace period which runs through January 13th, 2023 to correct any weight, dimensions, or address discrepancies.


If you don’t have a viable return address in the country you sell in, you can opt for a returnless refund. The customer would keep the product, and you would avoid the cost of the return label and the carrier shipping correction charge for an undeliverable return address. Another option for International Sellers is to leverage the Returns Provider program. The Returns Provider program is comprised of service providers who provide returns management services and can handle the return process on your behalf. More information about the Return Provider program can be found here.


What happens to those that do not use BUY SHIPPING?
We have special Rates with the USPS & UPS so we prefer using our own accounts.

& What link is this you provided? Is this for sellers or customers?

Why is looking for a PIN?

Most of our 10K listings have 5 to 20 other sellers on it, so basically nobody has page control on these listings and Amazon has shut down any economical way of getting ASIN’s updated.


While you’re at it can you clarify to customers that they cannot return incorrect product, customer damaged product or empty boxes? Making the buyer aware is certainly going to help. :roll_eyes:


Using Amazon’s Buy Shipping only accounts for the outgoing label price. The problem of customers returning products in larger packaging than it was delivered in is not resolved by using ABS. I get the “improved messaging to customers” but the reality -and Amazon needs to come to terms with this- is that customers don’t read, and don’t follow instructions; if they did that, many of these returns wouldn’t be happening in the first place.


This is what the bad actors will do when the NSFE comes out. Tell someone they should not drop ship, or steal IP, and they will buy then return your thimble in a refrigerator box.


They won’t answer it, this idea probably was generated by either some sleazy manager at Amazon as a revenue generator or some clearly out of touch manager that has no idea what they are doing. Either way they continue to destroy this marketplace day in and day out with their idiotic ideas and complete disregard for their sellers.


“Amazon is improving and clarifying customers’ return instructions to better communicate the importance of tight and light packaging.”
Can you post the improved instructions to the buyers?