Changes to Return Authorization Program for seller-fulfilled returns


Effective August 31, 2022, Amazon will automatically authorize US return requests and provide buyers with a prepaid return shipping label for items belonging to the following categories:

  • Sexual wellness
  • Business, industrial & scientific supplies > Professional medical supplies
  • Business, industrial & scientific supplies > Professional dental supplies

Returns for the following product categories will continue to be sent for manual authorization:

  • Handmade
  • Amazon custom
  • Certified preowned watches
  • Non-physical items (for example, warranties, digital software, or digital coupons)
  • Items that are non-returnable by law and dangerous goods

For more information, go to Manage seller-fulfilled returns.


We had prepaid return exemption on the vast majority of our products as they are all oversized freight items. When amazon announced the forced change to returns we found that the exemption report has been cleared. Or if it wasn’t, the report we downloaded to check the status no longer has any products listed in it. I have resubmitted the exemption list twice last week using the new set up. When I pull the report it still shows no items on the exemption list. Have you done away with the exemptions based on size and cost?




Amazon Warehouse is about to get weird.


I am not in these categories but have had auto auth for awhile. The worst thing about amazon is the communication between buyer and seller. Once the buyer requests a return, there should be a 24 hour waiting period. If he seller sends a comment to the buyer, the buyer should have to respond. I am tired of the lame excuses for returns such as wrong item shipped or the item is damaged when in fact neither is correct. If the item was defective or the wrong item was send, give me the opportunity to fix it.



Zoltar sees a huge increase in eBay listings for lightly used personal massagers, syringes, and dental floss soon.


Returned sexual wellness item. So used…tried it and didn’t like it sexual wellness items. I mean, ewww. :rofl:


Agreed. Disgusting.


I wonder if the poor Amazon worker handling returns is eligible for hazard pay now? I’d be looking into getting that and a bio-hazard suit with SCBA, if I were the guy that had to open that stuff, with the new return policy changes.


Sexual Wellness returns? Ok Gross. Amazon just doesn’t think.
I sell on retail at Amazon, how is it that Amazon Handmade vendors get away without same fees and returns as regular.


This is what happens when you hand the machines the keys to the kingdom.


disgusting, why are you putting your workers at risk like this


How do we opt out of your fraudulent Refund at First Scan and replacement programs?




Every time you guys post news don’t even need to read it. Already know 99% of the time it will be a fee increase or some other way to screw over sellers and your warehouse employees.



Was this a computer algorithm-created policy? Did anybody use a brain cell?

The scary part is that 16 of us thought this was a great idea.


? How old is this post? This has been going on for years in my category.


I agree. I’ve had one waiting for 35 days now, never shipped back, reason: customer changed their mind. Well, if you change your mind, you generally need to return the item to get a refund. That hasn’t happened and it just won’t go away out of my returns list. I just looked to see if I could archive it, but my option was to send the buyer a message that says “item not returned”, then close it out. No, thanks. I’m not tempting fate like that. Amazon wouldn’t. It’s past the 30 day warranty, it should automatically archive.





Or… “Just don’t need it anymore”