Changes to Return and Refund Process for Seller Fulfilled Orders


Effective November 15, 2019, if you are fulfilling customer orders in the US from outside the US, you must provide Amazon a valid US return address for items under $10. Amazon will use this address to generate prepaid return labels for customers on eligible return requests. If a US return address is not provided, Amazon will issue the customer a refund for eligible returns without requiring the item to be returned. Learn more about prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders or returnless refunds.

Note: If you do not have a local return address, an International Returns Provider on the Solution Provider Network may be able to help.




I always thought that was the policy


I thought it was too … but in my bookmarks when I go to my marked page … nope. They’ve deleted the old page and I see no mention in the new ones.

I went to the links provided above … Nope!

I finally went to a link within one of those pages : Maintain account requirements

  1. Set up a default return address for your account. We require a US domestic address for the prepaid label program. We’ll use this domestic address for all prepaid returns. From Settings > Account Info , access the Return Information page, and then fill it out with the appropriate address.
  2. Maintain and update accurate weight and size information entered for products you sell. We calculate return shipping costs based on this information.

I never did find anything specific to International sellers. UNLESS they see a different page. If so isn’t that great? How can we provide any help?



WOW, finally International sellers are held to the same requirements as US sellers …


with my humble experience, I believe this is fair and very good actually for the international sellers taking advantage of the system, similar to the seller that is trying to find a way around the utility bill and pretending to be a US seller while she’s outside the US and wants to avoid paying the taxes!!!


This page, or is it new: Customer returns for international sales?

After the 3 options* listed, it has a yellow-box blurb about the November 15th change in policy, but this page is not linked in OP.

*Returnless refund, provide prepaid domestic label via Amazon if using .com (yellow box), or provide prepaid international return shipping.


Nothing like giving sellers 11 days notice to make such a massive change to their business.

This is another reason why selling on Amazon is getting worse every day.

No one can make such huge adjustments with less than 2 weeks notice.


What change? We already have a US return address, and think everyone above us does also.
It will add another barrier to entry for foreign sellers, and will increase their overhead. Seems like a WIN WIN.


This is ridiculous for auto paid return labels. If the buyer found better price or no longer wanted, amazon does not even pay for return labels within 30 day window. Why do they require sellers to do that for all return reasons?


If you sell outside of your country you should have a return address there just like everyone else.


I am in the US but the 90 day return for full refund due to any reason is ridiculous.


Hello,anybody can reply if the customer can return without seller’s approved for the Seller Fulfilled Orders???


International sellers were always supposed to have a US-based address for returns. If you’re now just getting to the program, then you flew under the radar until now. I’m glad they’re putting this restriction on international sellers, maybe will filter some of the garbage out


Amazon, as normal, as not been consistent, and it seemed a lot of intl sellers had somehow exempted themselves from auto return prepaid label. I had a few test cases recently where SP Dept whacked the seller for violations, but the A2Z refused to refund me until I returned the counterfeit product at my own expensive… and other inconsistencies between US seller disputes and SE Asia disputes.

This also might push some SE Asia sellers to push up prices to get over the $10 mark, since most US sellers still will not pay $15 to return a buyer remorse item to China that costs $10.01


It doesn’t matter you have to accept all returns within the return window.


This is from Handmade…


And most International sellers don’t read this.


Although overall this may be good to help us defend against some of the foreign sellers, this just gives BUYERS more ability to get free product and the news will spread. So when these buyers buy an item under $10 they will just file a return on every item and see how many they get a free refund without returns.


I am not an international seller. This does not impact me.

Being supposed to and being required to are different animals.

My point is people need time to make arrangements.


Not all buyers are scammers. The buyer in the US should have an easy way to return a defective product to an international seller.