Case log


Has Seller Support now deleted our ability to create a new case log


I finally found it. It has moved.


So I finally got someone from Amazon seller customer help to reply to me. She stepped me thru the things below but I see that you can possibly to go from dashboard/help straight to #5 but haven’t tried it yet. Good luck. It isn’t called a case at all!!! But it creates one.

  1. Dashboard [top left Seller Support logo]/help
  2. Tell us how we can help [type Contact me in window] Get Help
  3. Get help again in right sidebar
  4. Click see more solutions
  5. Need more help [bottom center choice]
  6. Selling on Amazon
  7. Other Issues/Make a suggestion


This sometimes happens when Amazon changes their interface. Need to look around of UI first ^^


If you would like to contact the Seller Support either by e-mail or phone (which is only available for sellers with the professional selling plan), follow this link:

Once you are on the “Contact us” page, select the appropriate option from the menu on the left side: