Carrier tracking information required starting October 1, 2021


You right,
We cannot send to Amazon the tracking numbers as the factory get them from the forwarder after it arrives to USA port, then it get UPS or FEDEX number.


You are right,
Did you try to use AGL?
Is it cheaper than the factory shipping prices?
Did anyone find it usefull?



random DHL UPS no. can be filled in with as the job finished, no body will really track them any way.


Falsifying shipping records, is not good advice.


Amazon Question Answer stated you can add tracking numbers when you shipment arrives in US so just tell your forwarder not to deliver items until you update shipment with tracking numbers

See below

For international shipments, my freight forwarder provides tracking information only after my shipment reaches the final destination country (for example, my shipment originates in China and arrives in the United States 40 days after I ship). Is that too late?

No, please enter tracking information for the shipment as soon as your carrier shares it with you, before your inventory is delivered to Amazon’s fulfillment center.


What is the code of PRO?


This is Old Dominion Freight Lines tracking system. ODFL uses PRO#'s instead of tracking numbers for some reason.


We always ship my boxes to FBA with truck load, there are no tracking number. How can I provide the tracking number ???


How about AMAZON of having a policy of

1 receiving single box deliveries within 2 days
2 not loosing whole boxes marked as DELIVERED
3 not waiting months to allow sellers to make a claim on said deliveries
4 not CLOSEing deliveries until they are actually ready to be reconciled and claimed
5 automatically fully refunding full boxes AMAZON lost in their care (based on known existing seller delivery performance)

It is the fact that AMAZON’s rules are so constantly one sided that makes sellers despise them.


This is only true of the ignorant, dumb, and lazy Sellers who should probably be in a different line of work like rock crushing and ditch digging.


I was invited to a top sellers conference a few years ago where Amazon had invited a few top sellers from each major category, so eg books, media, jewellery etc etc. There were a few hundred sellers and some really top brass from Amazon. Not Jeff himself but certainly one level down. There were a lot of common issues, the main one being Seller Support being useless and you couldn’t get problems resolved. I’m still in the top hundred sellers on Amazon with the same kinds of problems. So what you have to say “This is only true of the ignorant, dumb, and lazy Sellers” is just absolute nonsense. But nice to see that you think you understand selling on Amazon with your 168 lifetime feedback in 6 years. Well done!


If you really want to go there…
There is a slight difference between the fine products I market and the dusty old records you are hawking, my customers tend to be quite satisfied when they purchase from me.

I have nearly as many 5 :star:'s as you, but whose counting? Different markets, different customer expectations. Unsatisfied customers tend to leave feedback/responses, it’s cathartic. I have no reason to despise Amazon, they are my easiest distribution channel.

If you hate it so much don’t do it any longer. Go out and find something that makes you happy.

And we should probably just leave it at that.

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