Captcha nonsense


When I logged in today I was asked to enter a captcha code “as an added security feature.” It took me six tries to get through the captcha.

After the first four I tried emailing, saying that I could not get through the captcha. Jeric responded by asking me to elaborate. It’s difficult how one can elaborate on “I can’t get through the captcha,” but I tried. Jeric’s response was to ask if if I’d cleared my cache and cookies.

What an idiot. Getting through the captcha has nothing to do with cookies or caches, but only with writting in the characters the computer wants.

Please: FIX the captcha thing so an ordinary customer can enter the numbers and letters without great hassle.

Please: Hire people for your email who read what the customer says and who a least a little.

An annoyed Bob Unferth


Where are you running into this? I have never seen a captcha screen on amazon except for the “I forgot my password” one.



I am curious about this as well. From the number of responses, it looks like few people have encountered this issue.

I receive the same message that it is for added security on my account and have to enter a captcha code every time I log in.

The strange thing is that it only happens on 1 of the 3 computers I use. It is not a huge deal, just a bit annoying.


I have had this experience, but it only took me one try. I’m not boasting… I have to wear my reading glasses.


I’ve ran into it a couple of times…mainly when trying to view the ASIN changes/merges from my phone via email.


I’ve run into the captcha a few times. It’s annoying as hell. However, oddly, clearing the cache makes Amazon stop offering it up. Go figure.


To log into SellerCentral on my phone I have to do a Captch 100% of the time.


Thanks for this advice. Just went many rounds with captcha while trying to purchase tickets for a Sting concert. Apparently my OS and browsers aren’t compatible, which is especially aggravating when trying to negotiate the Hell that is Ticketmaster…repeatedly entering the captcha code while a clock counts down the seconds until the tickets will be released back to the general public. No Sting for me, as it turns out.


I run into this every time I log in and thought it was part of Amazon policy to catch people with multiple accounts until Today when +Marilyn Attic+ talked about clearing cache… Wow . Thanks… It is Annoying …


I have run into Captcha messages frequently on Amazon. I don’t know the IT term for this but if you are hitting on Amazon servers too many times in a short period, it is a defense against denial of service attacks. For example, if I skim through the forum pages and do a right mouse click to open in a new tab in rapid succession (for example, opening 10 new tabs), I sometimes see 5 of the 10 tabs have opened normally and the last 5 sometimes have Captchas.


I do that all the time: keep the main forum page open, open new tabs for all new threads I want to read, and then close each after reading and/or replying. Never saw a captcha screen once. Usually using my iPad here, but I have never had this happen on my phone or laptop either. Have you tried the cache clearing advice?



Important Message!

To better protect your account, please re-enter your password and then enter the characters as they are shown in the image below.
Sign in to your account
What is your e-mail or mobile number?
E-mail or mobile number:
Type the characters you see in this image.
See a new challenge


Type characters:
Having trouble or sight impaired?

This is what I get every time I try to log in…anyone else get this?

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