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In the last few weeks, we get the “Enter the characters you see” on our login screen.

We’ve had this happen infrequently in the past, but now it seems to happen every time we sign in. Does anyone have any insight into how to stop this? Anyone else experiencing it?



I have seen this one or two times already and I don’t think there is a way how to stop it.


Oddly, I get the captcha frequently lately on my laptop and not on the desk top…No idea what triggers their appearance, but obviously relates to security concerns


I don’t even remember the last time I saw it.

  • Are you clearing cookies ?
  • Are you use multiple machines ?

Whenever I troubleshot something I start a log file using Notepad …


I am not deleting cookies. But I am often putting different simcards into my iPad when staying in various countries.

I think that this can trigger the additional verification.


I had this problem about a year ago and spent a couple of hours on the phone with an Amazon engineer to get it fixed. He was clueless as to why it happened; told me that they use it on the buyer site but not the seller one. Anyway, he ultimately fixed it. Now it is happening again, but only for a period of several hours per day. Very annoying. Often the characters are difficult to read.


When this happens to me on the safari browser on my phone- if I go into the safari settings- and clear the cache- it stops it from asking me for the captcha at login


Every once in a while I do. I am really bothered by the security code needed every time I login (or take a break). This used to be infrequent but now happens every time I login. I am for security, but this is a nuisance in my opinion.


I can’t recall ever seeing it on Amazon and I have used both my laptop and iPhone. I wonder if it’s a browser issue (I currently primarily use Microsoft Edge as well as Firefox and Chrome on occasion).


I’ve noticed it happens when I leave the amazon site on a tab for a few days in my browser (on my iphone).

When I go to log in after a few days- there will be the captcha- but if I clear the cache- it won’t ask me for it and I can proceed as usual.


I have only had this happen on my desk top the last few weeks almost every time I login. I have the security setting on this desktop at the most secure level and since I don’t have this same problem on my other computers I assumed this is why.


I am seeing the same thing on my desktop. … but not my laptop. … then I have to go get my phone to enter the code. … a real pain. …I try to do more on the laptop now but need to use the desktop to print and verify orders. … sigh…
i am going to clear cache and cookies and see what happens…

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