Can't sell on amazon because their warehousing is so bad


i am still waiting the SFP resume


Yes, bad handling at the warehouses is a common and frustrating thing. Not limited to Amazon - one wholesaler that I’ve dealt with weekly for a few decades (really), getting a couple of pallets with typically a few hundred invoice line items is NEVER (really) completely correct. The difference is that I’m the customer, so the salesman will always make it good. Still frustrating, but they are exclusive distributors for too many product lines (big wholesaler with many warehouses nationally).


not true i do FBM and i always have the buy box


I don’t know what your selling but I get the buy box whenever I want it and I’m FBM.


I stopped using FBA because of this issue. Also, WHEN there’s an account issue (suspension or funds withheld) or a SKU issue issue (pricing, IP complaint, etc), if I’m FBM, I have control and can sell on other marketplaces.

FBA = Amazon has control. For me, not a good business plan. Amazon is becoming more and more of a liability - even though they are king of eCommerce right now - they are not god.


They have changed policy multiple times with the only foreseeable reasoning to prevent sellers from being reimbursed for lost/damaged product. I lose around 5% in stock consistently across the network. Back in the day I could respond to mis-scanned shipment with the shipment weight and size and be reimbursed no more with that. One time they charged me for no FNSKU stickers on hundreds of items and sent me a photo of my products with FNSKU stickers in the photo as proof, it still took months to reimburse me for that. Another example, did you know that amazon will only damage out a unit if its the last one, they will let it sit there until they have no choice, then they have 90 days to find one to steal from someone else before finally giving you maybe 20 cents on the dollar for what its worth.

I still find it “worth it” but these cost must be expected and accounted for if I expect to make profit.


FBA is best suited for offshore sellers and domestic sellers with high margins to absorb a high rate of losses. Unfortunately many of us don’t have large profit margins that allow Amazon to give away our products to buyers for free, lose our items, accept buyer damaged returns, etc.


Hey, how are you getting the buy box if your FBM? I am looking to pull away from FBA and start doing my own FBM. Thanks


I got very tired with amazon seller so I decided to give all items to charity and quit selling because they said they will charge me for warehouse space if my item don’t sell.
so good luck to you all! have a happy new year 2020!


I use USPS and schedule them to come to my warehouse everyday. But how do you print the scan sheets? This would help my postman so much, he now scans every package before putting it on his truck. Geez, I wish I had known about this. How do I find out about the scan sheets?


Use a shipping software like shipstation… it allows you to print whats called an end of day and it only requires 1 scan for all items… postage does not cost more but the shipping program it a small charge… worth e very penny… helps with tracking after the sale ect. Do this and you postal carrier will send you a Christmas gift card instead of the other way around!


I do FBM and have the buybox on many of my items


We take pictures of each box with the packing slip prior to sealing. If there is a dispute, we provide the evidence. We are even considering videos of the the shoes in the box and then the sealing. We have pretty much pulled out of FBA, we have a few 1000 items still there, our experience between taking 1-2 months to receive and launch, losses, the return rate of 8x our FBM orders and Amazon stealing our data to purchase products that we sell, we are almost done. We do get a report now monthly from our rep that shows ASIN’s we stock with a return rate below 10%, those items we are willing to send into FBA, but we track them very closely and also email them if the item is not live within 20 days.


@ATVRide…check the benefits of purchasing labels via amzon…they also have end of day…


I have laugh at the people correcting you that FBA doesn’t matter for the Buy Box. Of course it does. It isn’t impossible to get the buy box selling FBM, but it’s a lot easier with FBA.


…this only proves that you have a camera…you can seal and than reopen the box…this will not help in a dispute…


Yes, I have used Ship Station in the past, I just though USPS would have something like a Manifest that I could give the postman. I will see about going back to shipstation. I did like it very much.


Which rep ?


Does that hold true, when the FBA seller is equally priced with your price?


In my experience, at least here in Fort Worth, is that using the scan sheet results in tracking that does not show any movement till the item delivers. Maybe my PO is scanning it wrong. I make them scan every one of my 40 or so packages a day. My regular guy has no problem because he knows what’s up. The substitute carriers grumble, but oh well.

Unfortunately…lol…the Monday after that second weekend in December, when the PO picked up 300 packages, the supervisor who came with the truck to pick up scanned every one of them as DELIVERED instead of ACCEPTED. Every package showed as delivered the same day and never had valid tracking. It was a nightmare, but fortunately, only about a dozen customers noticed the tracking–I did suffer one A-Z loss from it, though.