Can't sell on amazon because their warehousing is so bad


So I was checking my inbounds today and found more shipment problems, what a surprise! One shipment was of three identical packages with 1 case of items containing 3 items per case. 9 items total, 3 per case, 1 per package, all tracking details confirm packages and all delivered, and they are telling me they only received 6 items. I would like to know which package contained zero items, but amazon won’t tell us that because this helps them hide behind their policies. I have already received the canned response from seller support saying they confirmed, which makes sense since I only sent it minutes ago, sure you checked it out real well. It’s getting to the point that I can’t send anything to amazon without losing a huge portion of it, and the california warehouses seem to be the worst! My closest warehouse to me is in Dallas and it is really pretty good, they only hit me like once every 6 months, but any others it is like every other shipment is off. but when I ship from my manufacturers they mostly go to Cali and it appears to be my only option is it to have it shipped to me and then reship to Dallas, but there goes any profit I had left after the raising of fees and returns and the list goes on and on.
What is anyone else doing, and do you have any good messages that seem to work to get either reimbursed or to get a an actual recheck of their shipment?

US FBA and referral fee changes — coming in February 2020

We send in most items with FNSKU. It normally works itself out during transfers etc. By the time it comes to reconcile it is usually right.


It sounds like your operation is large enough that you might want to consider having your manufacturers shipping to your own warehouse and then fulfilling orders from there. :thinking:

I know it sounds intimidating–but is FBA truly worth all of the costs of lost inventory, lost time, etc? Your comment above is just astonishing and frankly scary! :grimacing:


That’s part of the problem with shipping directly to amazon from suppliers, if they won’t do labeling and assorted case breakdowns. I’m wondering if a 3pl (3rd party labeler) is worth the cost.


As @papyrophilia has stated, maybe you need to consider fulfilling your orders yourself.

And if you cannot, plan for the additional costs of using Amazon to fulfill in your financial planning.


There are other companies that can do “FBA” for you. We have not used them. It only takes a couple of warehouses to provide SFP nationwide.




FBM is good, if you like never having the buy box. :wink:


And I passed on SFP because the constraints were too tight, I can’t have something accepted as shipped by the post office within hours of an order, I have enough problems with my post office accepting my packages at all, they act llike if I don’t have a scan form its then they dont have to take my packages, and pickups are scheduled next day, never same day, so hows that gonna work. I don’t have that big of an operation… yet.


Are your manufacturers shipping directly to Amazon warehouses? How do you know they are shipping what they say?


I’m FBM and SFP.
Got 99 problems but the BB ain’t 1. :wink:


I have never nor will I ever use FBA. I have always been FBM. I get the Buy Box a lot.

@PlayLearn - Selling on Amazon is certainly possible without using their warehousing and FBA. FBM works and depending on how many items you are losing plus the cost of FBA itself, it seems it would be a lot cheaper to fulfill yourself.


FBA is good and it does not mean never having the buy box.


YOU HAVE TO TELL US WHAT THE TIME FRAME IS! It makes a difference whether this is a real problem or a non-problem. It is not a problem when inbound items are not accounted for immediately after a delivery. Web page accounting is often wildly inaccurate for a week or so after a delivery.

I have a feeling you haven’t given your items time to be checked in and shipped to their final destination since you saw the unaccounted items when you were checking you inbounds today.


I agree that there are an increasing number of problems with shipments.

To be fair, we have just been through 4Q and although I have never visited an Amazon warehouse, I imagine that we sellers can’t imagine the sheer number of shipments coming in during the pre-Christmas period.

If you can’t get any sense from SC then write directly to the executive team at the usual jeff address.

It does usually get sorted out, although there are exceptions.

I’m still rankling over a shipment of 30 units of which Amazon says only 6 arrived. Cost me $150. Small potatoes, I know, compared to some losses I’ve heard about but it’s still irritating.

After doing your best to sort it out, you just have to move on.

Amazon is an excellent lesson in letting go.

Remember that your time is the really important commodity, not money.

My advice is to give your time a monetary value, a minimum wage, if you like. It helps to put things in perspective.

Let’s suppose the minimum value you put on your time is $50 an hour.

If you’ve already spent two hours trying to get a refund for a lost unit that costs $25, you know you have to move on, even if the injustice rankles.

Good luck.


Not true. I do FBM only… I have never used FBA and I get the buy box quite frequently.


I go onto the usps website and schedule 6 months worth of pickups one for every day for them to pick up at mail delivery. I estimate a average ballpark for number of packages. We usually have the same carriers so they know the routine. If my flag is up I have packages at the door and i always print the scan sheets for them


AZ is very very Big and Sells all kinds of stuff…Its hard to keep track even with best systems…


Sounds like you are blaming Amazon for a problem that could just as likely be your manufacturer shorting you or an international shipping issue. Is your manufacturer handling the shipping (from China I presume) themselves and would thus know the shipment was going straight to Amazon? Maybe just look into having it shipped to a freight forwarder in China and having them check it and reship to the Amazon warehouse. Also they sometimes just make errors on checkins that eventually get worked out.

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i ship all mine myself from my pharmacy