Can't Partial Refund? Is this a joke


Because I think it would delight him.


This is exactly right. All this new policy and system is going to do is force sellers to be come way more nitpicky. Great system.


Go to your return order screen. Click on issue refund button. Look around you will see top right I think. Hope this helps


As third party this may be the next step to bye bye.


That explains why my stuff is still old school looking. I refund daily and havent seen the new layout.


When’s the last time anyone returned an item to a store like Walmart without the original packaging? Unless it’s food, I always keep the original packaging and the receipt for at least 90 days, and if it is a bigger ticket item like a TV with a 1 year warranty, I throw the packaging in the storage area above my garage. Not just for return reasons, but if you ever want to resell an item locally, it always looks more appetizing if you have the original packaging and paperwork that came with the item. So I don’t blame any seller on Amazon or anywhere who wouldn’t accept a return without the original packaging. I can’t remember the last time I made a return online, but when I return something to the store, I go out of my way to make sure the item is repacked and looks the exact way as I received it.


Yes I did the same


And then there are those customers who tape the return label to the item packaging and/or make sure every inch of the package is covered with tape. Can’t sell those as new regardless of the condition of the item.


I’ve seen the worst programming on this site in my entire life. And I supervised a low budget programming operation for years. There seems to be absolute minimal user testing or competent managerial oversight before releasing to millions of users.


why is amazon not letting us charge a restocking fee on buyer faulted returns is just ridiculous , that restocking fee is to cover
my lost time
my shipping box cost
my packaging materials
and my toner going on a shipping label
these all cost money and my time especially , buyer makes mistake they should be accountable for their mistakes ,
for sure amazon will make us accountable for our mistakes 100%


Once again: Thank you @racingroxstore! The clarification put my (and I’m sure many others’) mind at ease. At least that one crumb of discretion is still left to us.


On the “manage returns page”

Select Charge Restocking fee

Top Right unselect “I want to refund this unit” and hit save

Then enter the amount you want to refund at the bottom.


The good times are basically over here for small/medium sellers. Sellers offering free shipping will be losing a lot of money when the return is in original condition…that will be shipping costs both ways. I would hate to see their post-Christmas shipping cost eating amounts!

Charging outgoing shipping can be enough to cover both ways for now, but that door will shut soon I am sure. I suggest charging minor restocking fees for any item not EXACTLY as it was sent…real minor stuff you would have let go before. On a positive note, they seem to deducting outgoing shipping costs automatically from the return amount - even for the seller faulted return reasons.


I will second that emotion, they are all Code Toad hacks with no supervision apparently.


All returns will start coming in as “Defective” or “Wrong Item Sent” regardless of truth so the customer can make it not their fault and get free labels.

  1. Customer wants to keep item for a discount (our discretion)
  2. How do we offer partial refund without forcing seller to submit return request?
  3. How do we offer partial refund based on damage without proof of damage?

Who in their right minds came up with this policy in the first place? This is insane.

We have a customer, right now, (a freight forwarder - natch) who refused delivery on a $700 item because they don’t know who they sold it to on their end.

Are we now to eat the $300 in shipping (origin / return) because customer won’t file a return? Or do we just let it set there until they file an A-Z claim? How in the world do they expect this to work?


everything goes 0.00 when you deselect item. you cannot enter anything manually.


Also weird, but I see two different return screens - one linked from the original order and the other from ‘manage returns’ button.


Amazon will still charge fees us for every returns right?


I wish but where can we go?