Can't Partial Refund? Is this a joke


Won’t let us Partial Refund a Return that has label costs.

Its like Amazon will only allow you to FULL Refund returns now. What is going on.

Is this some sort of programming error by Amazon.

Shows max of $20 partial refund allowed on any order, doesn’t make sense.

What is the solution?

Partial refund issue, please help?
Can't do partial refund for price discount
Re-Stocking Fees
Can not issue refunds on prior refunds


  1. No ability to Partial Refund
  2. No ability to notate to the customer, how the refund is calculated, or any message you wish to attach.
  3. On Prepaid returns, there use to be an Amount of the cost of the shipping charge paid.


My solution was to ZERO out the Return Qty (which of course is wrong), then the FULL return amount FORCE upon us is then $0. Then in the additional, add back.

ooh I see it says Addition Refunds/CHARGES. Can we put a negative?


You are not looking at the return refund screen. It shows

You need to hit the restocking fee link. Still can only not refund in full if the product is returned in the same condition.


WEIRD. Not seeing the Charge restocking fee LINK.

On a Mac, but checked Safari and Chrome - No Charge restocking fee LINK.

Also went to 2 random orders I shipped yesterday - same - No Link

Also, selected each of the dropdown reasons and none caused the link to appear


The restocking fee link is not there for a seller faulted return reason. Even if that reason is BS

If it truly is a defective item etc… I have no issue with the full refund. If it is what 90% of our returns are which is a buyer looking for a full refund for renting the item I have an issue.


Its not even allowing to Partial Refund on a regular order, where customer accepts a partial discount to keep an item.

This is crazy.


EXACTLY!!! Our company sold 11,000 units this past month, and let me tell you we love offering our customers options to keep an item at a discounted price. Most customers are glad and love that option!
Nope, once again Amazon over stepping into the seller side and removing all accountability from customers.


@The_Lunatick_Fire_an the screen shot I posted it from a return opened today for not authorized. In error, I might add.

Most of our returns are for the what is really a buyer faulted reason. We did not like it but if we received it back in the same condition, we’d only keep the return label costs. Normally had no issues with that.

Now it appears you cannot even do that.


Pretty much what we did. If it was in reasonable condition (able to be resold as new) they got a refund minus the return label. The problem is 90% of our returns come back missing the retail packaging with just the item thrown in a box.


For sure. Can’t deduct the return Label Price if returned in original condition.

They are forcing the seller to absorb return shipping for a buyer faulted return. This stinks like you know what.

I guess to offset, it will be important to nitpick on returns. If it is not 100% original, then always take a restocking fee.

Why the h*// do buyers usually not return items with all the original packaging? I mean the shipping box… the styrofoam… the kraft paper… accessories. I will be deducting for these discrepancies from here on out.


Nail, meet nuke.


How long do you hang on to packaging for 30 days? My guess is that while many do hold on but many more don’t. Perhaps they just don’t have the room.


An item being returned immediately after delivered should be returned in the original shipping box, and with all packing materials and accessories. Very often they put it in a flimsy Amazon box or even in a large plastic envelope. If it wasn’t broken at delivery, chances are good it will be broken in the return trip. If it was returned for a part being broken, it will often be demolished upon return.

New Returns Widget

They are forcing the seller to absorb return shipping for a buyer faulted return.

Are you sure your example was a buyer-faulted return? I have the option to charge the buyer for the return label -

Clicking the ‘Charge amount’ box deducts $3.42 from the refund, leaving the customer with $7.07.

Are you going into the order by clicking the Issue Refund button from the Orders --> Manage Returns page?


I just tested this and can confirm… to get the option to charge the buyer for Return shipping (assuming they chose a buyer-faulted reason), you MUST access the order using the ‘Issue Refund’ button from the Manage Returns page.

If you open the order by searching for it in Manage Orders, or by accessing it in Shipped Orders, you will see this instead (same order as screenprinted to @yenobek in previous post) -


There’s a reason why you’ve earned your spot in the Forum Hall Of Fame.


I don’t have any that are in process where the buyer indicated a buyer faulted return. That is a rarity, because most buyers will lie in order to get return shipping covered and to maximize their potential for a full refund.

Since you apparently can deduct it for a buyer indicated buyer faulted return, how would you recover it from a liar?


This is completely rediculous…why should i refund the shipping cost to a buyer that changed his mind and no longer needs the item???


yeah i just realized that too…good that you noticed and let us know…