Can't list my App


Hi guys.

In the Seller Central:

1 - I Click in PartnerNetwork
2 - Develop Apps
3 - I have only one app (in draft), in action column I click on the arrow and then “Edit Listing”
4 - After fill all fields I click in the “Save and Continue” button and nothing happen.
5 - Even if I click in the “Save as draft” button, nothing happen too.

I opened the chrome browser developer inspection and see that an ajax request was made with an http 400 status code as response, and i suspect that is the problem.

The request was an POST to

I tried to open a support case, but when i open, it’s closed with message: We have closed this case because Amazon has deactivated your account. Refer to your Account Health Dashboard to learn more about the status of your account.

I follow to the Account Health an everything is green and 100%.

I an on a deadlock :frowning:

Have someone got this problem?