Can't do partial refund for price discount


I just shipped an order. I have agreed to a customer request to do a price match, and provide partial refund. The new refund form only allows for a full refund. How can I do this?

Refund Portal Changed

MANY members of our Seller Community are wondering the same:


Get 'em on the phone.

They need to know about each and every seller who wants to provide a partial refund – and CANNOT do it.


I’m wondering the same. I have opened 3 cases trying to find out why the partial refund option went away last week. I use the partial refund when customers order multiple items and I can save them shipping costs by combining. That option is gone. I get the same canned response that the return policy changed. I keep telling them this does not involve a return.


Hello all,

Please see below for more information on providing partial refunds.

1- How can I offer a partial refund/concession above $20?

  • To issue a concession over the $20 limit sellers can utilize the ‘Order Adjustment Feed’. This is a temporary workaround and should only be provided as an instruction for sellers who have an issue similar to the following reasons:
    • Product received contains damaged and/or missing items (Multi-Pack)
    • Product received is not as described or expected
    • Product received is materially different (Catalog Error)
    • Product received is contains a slight defect and/or damage
    • Product received is contains missing accessories and/or parts
    • Price match
    • Order and/or Item did not arrive on time
    • Order and/or Item was not received
    • Order and/or Item damaged by Shipper
    • Delivery was not received
    • Delivery Issues, Address Correct
    • Insufficient Inventory

2- Will this policy also apply to orders that are under the Seller Fulfilled Prime Program?

  • The new Restocking Fee workflow is applicable for all Seller Fulfilled Orders (SFP and Core). An announcement was made with regards to this policy change on Tuesday, 15-Sep and on the day of launch Wednesday, 30-Sep.

NOTE: Concession or refund abuse is against Amazon policies and may lead to the loss of selling privileges.

This has been explained with an image and link by @DSLogic in this thread.



Thank you for offering a solution. But Amazon’s lack of a normal, simple way of doing partial refunds for the listed reasons is unacceptably poor performance by the leading US marketplace. Really, the team responsible for this error should be ashamed. How do you think this would play if picked up by the media?


If there is no limit of $20 in the store, how should I apply the partial discount?