Can't contact developer support?


We have a few public apps but they don’t show in our account on Seller Central for some reason. I don’t believe they ever did. As part of the SP-API migration we need to convert to a hybrid app but since no apps are present we can’t convert anything. I tried contacting support but when I click “Submit” absolutely nothing happens. Not even a network call. Is that just us or did they break the entire support ticket system? I tried both Chrome and FireFox and also Incognito just to be sure.


Do you still have MWS Credentials available to view when you click “Develop App” from your Seller Central page?

If so, just start building your hybrid app (if you can still create one, that is). Once Amazon approves, then publishes your app (this can take several weeks between each step), you can use the Authorizations API to convert any client MWS credentials to SP-API.

However, since Amazon was supposed to shut off MWS access for Orders, Reports, and MFN on August 1, 2022, you might not be able to create a Hybrid app.