Can't add inventory


I’m trying to add a product, but I can’t. Every time I try to add a product, it says, “You are not approved to list this product, and we are not accepting applications at this time.” We are authorized to sell the product in question by the book publisher. Why can’t we add the product? All we want to do is sell the product through our website and have Amazon fulfill the order. We don’t want to list the product in the marketplace.


It is perhaps categorized as a collectible book and thus requires Amazon’s approval before listing.


I’ll look into that


It doesn’t matter if you are approved by the publisher if Amazon is not accepting applications to sell it on Amazon.

In order to do this, you still need to be approved to list the product.


You should contact the publisher and have them approve your Amazon id so that you can move forward.


Thanks, I’ll contact the publisher again and contact Amazon.

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