Cannot Get Amazon Pay Button to Work


Thanks in advance for any insight or guidance you can provide.

On and off for more than a year, I’ve been unable to get an Amazon Pay button account to work. By “work” I mean that when I add the Amazon Pay button to my online store (hosted by Volusion), it’s not grayed out and is available to the user during checkout.

In this post I’m not so much asking for help getting my existing Amazon Pay to work – though that would be fantastic - but rather I have questions about other angles.

Some background:

-There was a point in the past where Amazon Pay support acknowledged there was a problem with my Amazon Pay account. I went through a few communications with them on this. Since then, in the last few weeks, they claim that all problems have been resolved. I’m able to sign into Seller Central and navigate my Amazon Pay account without issue.

-I’ve provided the required Amazon Pay credentials to my online store. They support Amazon Pay and have where to enter the specific Amazon Pay credentials.

-The Amazon Pay button appears on my online store’s checkout page but is grayed out / disabled.

-Amazon Pay support has no other ideas from what I can see.

My questions are:

1-Is there a way to reset my Amazon Pay account? Meaning revert it back to before having entered my Application Name / Online Store and financial info. Just to start over.

Recently I changed the URL of my online store. So even if my existing Amazon Pay account were “fixed”, there would likely still be an issue.

Note that I changed my online store URL at some point after Amazon Pay said everything was fixed and I was good to go. So my change isn’t what’s causing the issues, but would likely prevent my Amazon Pay from working even if all settings were correct.

2-What’s the latest and greatest policy on having more than one Amazon Seller account? Can I have a 2nd Amazon Seller account that I would use only for Amazon Pay?

3-Is is possible to have an Amazon Pay account outside the scope of having an Amazon Seller account? I don’t think so.


Well, I just started on Shopify and set up my Amazon Pay account. I do not do FBA or anything with amazon. So I started to advertise on Facebook and discovered my pay button doesn’t even work. So, I did some test under sandbox mode and still no transactions. Then, I accidentally changed my MWS Auth Token from Shopify and goofed that up with somekind of key. Bottom line. Im thinking of not using this amazon pay button since the dam thing wont work and is costing me conversions right now. So be careful and do your test and make sure the button works before using it… Good luck.