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We believe there is a glitch associated with the “new and improved” buyer cancellation experience.

We participate in SFP program and to date our metrics have been stellar. However, in the last week we’ve been hit with 3 cancellation rate defects which puts our SFP eligibility at risk. In all 3 cases there has been an official cancellation request and all orders have been cancelled with the proper cancellation reason.

We’ve had a case open with Seller Support since the first case but, of course, no resolution has been received yet.

Mods, please investigate this. We should not be held responsible for the botched rollout of this “improved” experience.

Here is the proof - you can see order numbers in the report as well as the cancellation requests.


Cancellation Metrics Glitch - SFP Eligibility At Risk
Cancellation Metrics Glitch - SFP Eligibility At Risk
Update to the new buyer requested cancellation experience

What’s also interesting (ridiculous?) is that none of those orders show on the Shipping Performance page…


Thank you for tagging me and other mods in this post.

After reviewing the details provided for ASIN: B00WY0077A for the case ID: 10125878931, Seller Support reviewed your request for the removal of feedback on your order 114-6076907-7965868 and found that the feedback is in violation of our policy. Accordingly, we have removed this feedback.

Are there additional orders with feedback that also violated our policies? If so, can you please provide the Case IDs, so that I can investigate further?

Thank you,


Thanks for the response, Gary.

Unfortunately, I posted about Seller Fulfilled Prime Cancellation Rate metrics glitch, and not feedback removal…

I would greatly appreciate revisiting this thread :slight_smile:


I apologize for not looking into the correct issue. In your original post you stated, “We’ve had a case open with Seller Support since the first case but, of course, no resolution has been received yet”. Can you confirm what case number(s) you are referring to, and any additional details that may be helpful in the investigation, and I investigate this matter for you.

Thank you,


Good morning Gary,

There are two cases in question - first one is 10095242691 which we opened when we first noticed the error in metrics. Second one is 10126132821 which is SFP POA that we proactively submitted without waiting to be suspended.

Both have to do with Buyer Initiated Cancellations (via messages) incorrectly being counted in SFP Cancellation Rate metrics, while not being counted (correctly) in the overall shipping performance.

Thanks again!


Just received a solid response from the SFP team:

" Dear XXXXXX,

Your metrics are above the requirement for the review period, however, we have notified the enforcement team about the buyer cancel rate issue. This issue is affecting multiple seller since the new requirement rolled out 5/26.

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Benny C.

The Seller Fulfilled Prime team


Thanks, just wont cancel orders till Amazon can actually test their “updates”

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