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I noticed the Canada Marketplace has been re-enabled again on my account. I heard Amazon has made it more simple for US Sellers in FBA to sell to Canada, so I was wondering if anyone had any details on this. I tried searching and Amazons help is hard to navigate. I was thinking about activating some listings to go to Canada marketplace but have no idea about the fees, monthly fees, fba fees, or anything and cannot find the pages. Can anyone help me that has started this?

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You should have gotten multiple emails about this starting in May from Amazon.

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Automatic enrollment starts July 1

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You have been identified as an eligible seller for Remote Fulfillment with FBA in Canada, Mexico, or both.

We’re updating the program enrollment process to automatically enroll eligible sellers unless you opt out before June 30, 2022. Remote Fulfillment with FBA allows you to sell to customers in Canada and Mexico using your US FBA inventory. The program can help you increase sales and expand your customer base without sending inventory to the destination country.

To simplify your selling experience, we’ll leverage the Build International Listings tool to duplicate your eligible US offers on and The tool also synchronizes your US FBA prices to Mexico, Canada, or both, by adjusting for fee and currency exchange differences.

To learn more about the program details, go to the following resources:

You’ll be enrolled in the program between July 1 and September 15, unless you opt out. You’ll receive an email confirmation once your enrollment is complete.

You also have the option to manually enroll or unenroll in the program at any time. Go to Manage your Remote Fulfillment to complete your enrollment now and start managing your selection.

The Fulfillment by Amazon team


Remote Fulfillment by FBA. From the emails, Amazon has already turned it on for you.

Amazon is supposed to adjust the price posted in Mexico or Canada to cover the extra FBA fee and the exchange rate. Buyer pays the customs/duties. The buyer “takes possession” in the USA when the order is shipped so you are not “doing business in a foreign country”.

The email gave you links. Or Inventory, Remote Fulfillment by FBA and there is a learn more.


I cannot find any emails on this. I signed up for Canada back when they first introduced it but disabled it shortly after. Today is the first day I noticed the +1 marketplace on my fba inventory and there is no prices input. I do not have Mexico as a country added on my marketplaces, which is why I posted in here.


Good Evening @Regulater - I know it’s been a few weeks, but I just wanted to follow up with you in regards to this thread. @ASV_Vites provided some fantastic resources regarding the new remote fulfillment program for the Canada and Mexico marketplaces so I’d recommend reading those links first.

If you still would like some clarification on selling in those marketplaces, please feel free to file a ticket with Selling Partner Support and they can help guide you on the latest rules and regulations for the remote fulfillment program.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help clarify. Thank you for checking in with us on the Seller Forums and for choosing to sell on Amazon.


The email was great to get, but turns out I guess my account was not included in the auto merge. I have made Canada Active, listed a deposit account for Canada, and priced my inventory in Canada but my inventory will not go active. Canada is active, but inventory will not go active just stays at “inactive” status.


Good Afternoon @Regulater - If you file a support ticket with Selling Partner Support, they will be able to investigate why “inventory will not go active just stays at “inactive” status.” Let me know what the case ID is once you file and I can keep an eye on it to make sure we get you set up to sell in Canada. Thank you for checking in with us on the Seller Forums and for choosing to sell on Amazon. Have good weekend. :blush: