Can you see IP of failed-login attempts?


Hello everyone,

Late last night I received 3 texts from Amazon with 2-step verification codes to access Seller Central.

Is there a way to see the I.P. address or other information for failed-login attempts? Clearly someone was attempting to access my account. Google has a feature like this where it will tell you when your gmail account has been accessed by a new device & provides location/IP.



This is actually destination-specific, so Amazon can indeed determine the traffic’s origination - although they are unlikely to reveal specifics about this to you. Still, it’s probably worthwhile to open a case, providing a short, succinct explanation, and mention that you can provide the codes generated upon request.

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Somewhere, Don Adams is probably chuckling at me…

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No. Amazon has this information but does not supply it to its users. You can open a case and ask for that information, but not sure they will give it to you.

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