Can you preview what a promotion before it goes live?


I’m preparing a promotion for next week. I want to make sure it gets executed perfectly. Can I preview it in my webstore site ahead of time to tweak the wording and visibility of the offer?


Are you asking if you can review the detail page before it is published showing the promotion?

No, but buyers on Amazon will not see the promotion either unless you have the buy box.
So, unless you have the buy box, the detail page will look the same as it does now.


Are you a featured merchant with the Buy Box? If you are, your buyers with see the promotion when it is listed. If you don’t have the Buy Box, it will not be seen by buyers.


No, I don’t have a Buy Box. However, I’m the only entity to sell these products on Amazon (I designed and manufactured them). But, I believe that the Buy Box doesn’t impact my running a promotion. I haven’t encountered that on any of the content regarding setting it up. Am I mistaken?


It will definitely impact the visibility and effectiveness. The promotion will not be displayed on the main product page if you don’t own the Buy Box. It may be displayed on the detailed offer page (the one that shows the list of sellers by condition type).

Just test it live/in production. Set the price to $999 and see how it looks.

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If you don’t have the buy box, customers will never see a notice for the promotion. They’ll stumble upon it on the final checkout page if their purchase qualifies for it, but they’ll be oblivious to it prior to then. Even then, there will be no explanation of how they qualified for the promotion. The verbiage you’ve formulated for it will remain unseen.

To get the buy box, you need to be a featured merchant. To be a featured merchant, you need to establish a history of excellent performance as a seller. Running a promotion that no one will see would be fruitless, since it wouldn’t prompt any additional sales. Your best you can expect is that those who surprisingly get the promotion may offer repeat business in the hopes of getting the promotion again.


I see a promotion for “free shipping” that i just created when you click into my individual product page, at least in one listing I just checked.

This is the page where once you see the product (a book in this case), then click the “Used” offers, you see the list of the 2 sellers offering the item. Mine shows as having the FREE shipping offer I created.

However, mine is is only FBA out of the 2 products, therefore it already qualifies for free shipping for Prime members, so who knows how effective this promo will be. Maybe it will lire in some non-Prime members? It would be interesting to hear from other sellers how effective their promotions are as well.

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