Can we send FBM order using our FBA inventory? What's the cost?


We have seller fulfilled and FBA options on the same listing.
When we receive a FBM order, can we send it from our own FBA inventory using “create fulfillment order” feature?
Is there anything against any policy?
Since we are already paying fulfillment fee for our inventory are we going to pay extra fee of “fulfillment order”?
We would be using FMB Order ID provided by Amazon. Would this cause any problems?
Any past experience will be appreciated.


The best option might be to contact seller support and ask . I do not really see an issue as Amazon will charge you anyway for the multi channel fulfilment order . Whether it is against their terms , you may need to do some digging to find out .

Sometimes two different support consultants can give you answers that differ from one another . Its called multi channel fulfillment to allow you to fulfil orders sold on other channels . Whether it is okay to use it for Amazon FBM sales is something that hopefully someone more experienced in this can chime in


The answer is yes. You can do this. Go to your FBA inventory and select the item ou wish to ship. Choose the option to create a fulfillment order. Enter all of the shipping information and on the next screen, you will see the shipping options and payments. Select what works best for you and place the order.
This is not a policy violation in any way shape or form. This is the absolute correct process for what you want to do. Amazon makes more money this way. They still get their 15% and the shipping fees are higher than the fulfillment fees that would have been paid for FBA. It is a Win Win for them.


Just a short note: while I do not use FBA, I do follow the forums, and have read several reports that Amazon is not at all prompt on sending out those multi-channel fulfillment orders.





Fulfillment fees for Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders

None whatsoever.



Thanks for bringing this up and I second that. Reading through the forums and realizing the same is not a good sign. I tried seeing what the handling time for these orders but it is not noted anywhere. It only mentions the shipping speed. And, I am sensing that the late handling is the cause for the issue.


@anatolian I am doing the same thing. But may I ask how are you able to have both seller fulfilled and FBA on the same listing? I would like to do the same. On manage inventory, it only gives one option or the other.
Thank you.


You would need to create a second offer and set the second one to FBM.


Thank you! Just to clarify, I should Add Another Condition and fill this out? Do I have to put the current SKU under “seller SKU” or will Amazon automatically assign a new one? This is not against policy or anything right? I’ve had listing shut down and am never told the reason. Im paranoid these days!


Correct. You will not be able to sue the same SKU as the FBA offer. Either enter a different one or let Amazon assign one.


thank you so much!

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