Can we get suspended for pricing violations?


Same boat here. Exact same pricing since 2016 and they deactivated my best selling product. And we are Brand Owners and only sellers of the product. No help from Amazon yet and we have no idea how to get the listing active again.


I would just make them send it back to you. It is not worth the time to pursue it. That is why we also sell on Ebay and our own website. If Amazon doesn’t want us to sell something on their site, we just sell it somewhere else. Customers go to Amazon and can find what they are looking for and go to Google and find us somewhere else.

Remember, it is the 3rd party sellers that keep Amazon in business. Look through their site at how pitiful their inventory is. Without us, it would be like that every day and customers would go elsewhere to buy stuff. (and most of those “elsewheres” will allow you to sell there too)


I had the same issue with an item selling for $12.50 on Prime. I tried to list it at $12.50 FBM with free shipping and got the same error. Even lowering it $3 didn’t restore the listing. I ended up charging $2.50 + $10 shipping and that seemed to work. Also emailed support, was also told nothing helpful.


i am having the same issue with several of my listings… 2 have been completely removed and blocked from being relisted and seller support has been NO help at all.


It depends on the product.

I have been in B2B, B2C, Retail and Manufacturing for many decades.

We source direct from the manufacturer if we do not produce it ourselves. There are some products that just DO NOT work on Amazon as the set margins are thinner than the AZ 15% juice and shipping.


This explains it


I’ve had cases where I was blocked for fair price issues when the low seller charged much more than me but most of it was shipping. The bot doesn’t seem to see the other seller’s shipping fee and writing customer service over and over does nothing. They think I should sell my item for $1.95 like the other seller. And until I change my price to that, I am blocked. When does Amazon have to face up to price fixing questions anyway?


Yes, but that’s only part of the law. They don’t want retailers to stop offering essential items because they would lose money by selling them so they offer exceptions to the general rule. Like for example, if your costs go up as a retailer and you can substantiate that increase, you are allowed to increase your price. You just can’t raise your price to take advantage of people in need during a time of crisis.

Amazon is protecting themselves and I understand their position but they are becoming overly aggressive when it comes to suspending listings for pricing issues. In my opinion, it’s best to offer those items elsewhere and not take the risk. Especially since the lines of communication are so poor between Amazon and its sellers.

I’ve received a few temporary blocks and I was doing what the OP did but now when I get a temporary block I just remove the item. I’m not going to risk my account for 1 or 2 SKU’s. I’ll just sell those items elsewhere. Amazon doesn’t communicate with us in any meaningful way. They won’t tell us what price they think is fair and I’m not going to play a guessing game that can get our account in trouble.


I have items that I cannot list. I offer free shipping. When I match the lowest price, I am $7 or $8 below the next item and I immediately sell out. Shipping eats away at the profit, making it not worth selling. So, I raise my price to match the lowest price including their shipping. That causes a block and a violation. I now have a donation bin. And everytime I get a violation, I delete the item and repeat this until the box is full and then I donate it. I understand the price gouging, but sellers do have to make a profit.


Hmm. It’s very unfortunate.
My account is also suspended for price gouging. Can someone tell me what is the pure definition of price gouging with upper limit. Is it clearly defined/described in any legal document ? If a Coke is sold in any amusement park or in any Movie theater at 5 times more than it’s normal retail price, isn’t price gouging ?
Also what is the normal or baseline price , who defines that ? Is it market ? Big shopping giants or Demand Supply. As we all know Demand Supply determines price of specific item and it’s variable, so how to understand the upper limit of Price Gouging. Is Amazon doing really fair just suspending sellers on this issue. Sometimes no warning is given I guess, not sure…


I would keep prices the same and raise shipping costs to .50. It sounds like that would not affect the bots and would help recoup your losses.


Im not sure about you but some sellers shouldnt sell on Amazon. look at this one B01M0OCRPL $99??? I purchased the same thing for my son for $19.99 on Target. all the toys and craft sellers that are selling for over price should should be removed from selling those items


I pray that Amazon pay actual humans to go in with the help of an algorithm and set “max price” for each ASIN. Yes, it will take a long time and it will not be perfect, but it will be a start. It may not be a perfect solution, but it is maybe the best solution. There are plenty of unemployed people all over the world that would love to be able to set the max price for 30 ASIN an hour. Hire 100 people to do that and you have max price set for 3,000 ASIN an hour, probably run that 24 hours a day. Go through the entire catalog in a month or two. There will be mistakes and the mistakes will hopefully get fixed later. I think the current Amazon Fair Price Policy is not working because it is too vague. Sellers have product like N95 masks and can not sell them. You have New York doctors buying expensive N95 masks on the dangerous black market. I know a person in China that has a N95 mask factory and I am too afraid to import them and sell them at any price. I am buying some N95 masks to donate, but I can’t afford to donate the 100,000,000 N95 masks we need in the USA as of right now.


I tend to agree with you, but the concern is that these decisions will be made by bots and they seem to get it wrong too often.

It is kind of like thee concept behind ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in the sense that it may be better to let 4 people sell items for ‘too high’ prices than to screw just one innocent seller because of bots gone wild.


The amazon bots are on a rampage. Blocked 48 of my listing for pricing violations, Haven’t changed the price in over a year. So then I edited all my listings and added business pricing and made sure there were no errors. All 48 went active again, so I thought it was a glitch. Next day all listings were blocked again, this time with a policy violation saying my listings were blocked due to some fair pricing policy. Bull crap, i never raised my prices, they are same prices I have had forever. And what are they comparing it to, some cheap china stuff? I haven’t even bothered to try to reactivate them for fear of getting suspended. We sell disposable food pans, like really?


Why would Amazon hire 100 people and have them go through every ASIN they have for price when you can just let buyers buy the items at the price they deem correct.

Take N95 masks as a great example of price controls run amok. If someone could sell them at twice the pre-crisis price on Amazon, they would probably get their listing de-listed and yet that would probably be selling them for far LESS than the real current market price!

In good times, price controls are foolish and do not work well. In times like this, price controls could easily cost lives. We should encourage every manufacturer and seller that can make or source N95 masks to make or sell as many as possible. Let the market determine the price and then more and more will be produced to meet the demand.


Yeah, I was recently suspended and I’m still trying to get out of suspension.


Good luck but it’s not just price changes. Our primary ASIN is down in the UK for price gouging and we haven’t changed the price since we listed it almost 4 years ago!

Now it’s been a week with no reply from them about it.


do you know if we can get suspended bec of policy violation due to fair pricing policy? We have the same issue, they activated my listing 2 days ago and got blocked again today.


My account was suspended for “price gouging” when i have a slim margin for profit for a HEPA filter. Amazon usually just marks inventory as pricing issues and I would go in to fix the problem. However, with anything related to medical, mask, or coronavirus, the go straight to deactivation. I have been trying to reactivate it for over a week now and customer support has not responded to my appeal or requests for a call.