Can we get suspended for pricing violations?


Had a two pack of cough drops we were selling in FBA at about a three dollar profit. Got inactived for “fair pricing”. Lowered it, lowered it again, lowered below what Amazon used to sell it for, lowered into negative profit, still inactive for pricing. Emailed seller support, was told nothing useful. Was going to recall it, but figured since recalled inventory isn’t likely being sent back anytime soon, it could wait in case Amazon changed whatever their floor is. Mistake. Now have a listing violation for not following fair market pricing. Is Amazon suspending accounts for nonsense like this?
btw I think the issue is W******ens has it on their website for five dollars, store pickup only.


They usually just remove the item but with all the price gouging and media attention surrounding it, they have been suspending sellers. There was a news article last week where Amazon told the media that over 4000 sellers were suspended due to price gouging.


Amazon, Walmart, Ebay are all being under investigation by Congress for price gouging and counterfeit products being sold on their platforms.
A new law is being considered to make the platforms liable for such actions by sellers.


I’ve been reading the feedback of other sellers, where the consumer claims PRICE GOUGING

“I can buy this for $25 cheaper at my local store, you’re price gouging”

The retail was listed at MAP, with $26 shipping.

It was a 50lb bag of charcoal…

Consumers sometimes have no idea what they’re talking about


Unfortunately, Amazon is not sophisticated enough to realize that the price of a store pickup item on another site will naturally be less than the price of an item that has to be shipped.


Yes. There has been postings about that. Someone increased the price by only 25 cents…


@medseller, do you offer business pricing? I received a potential high price alert yesterday on a used book. I checked and saw that my offer was comparable to others in worse condition. :thinking:

It wasn’t until I actually went into Pricing > Fix price alerts in Seller Central that I realized it was my business price that was the issue. Evidently, I had lowered the retail price over time but not adjusted my business price accordingly.

I changed the business price only, and all is well: no more alert, offer active. :+1:


I also received same notice of “item too high”. LOL, I have been pricing that item for the same price since last year, before the virus pandemic. Now I am overpricing? If I were to go down $2, what’s the point of doing business? Hello Amazon, charity or loss is not our business. We also need to eat, pay Amazon fees, etc. These bots have gone wild. They should check the history of pricing. Even if I were to increase the price on my items, say by $1 to $3, it’s is not much of an increase, considering that supply has dried up and even my suppliers have increased their prices. I’m even very considerate and reasonable on that price range. If I were to double, triple, or increase the price by 1,000%, now that’s price gouging. I am losing faith selling here, really. Glad I have another store that I can rely on.


Also of note - we had another asin on that email, one that we listed, saw Amazon disabled for “high” price, and we deleted within an hour. I guess need to lower the price first, and disable the listing, before deleting it.


Yep. Be careful about this. We incurred much higher supplier costs on an item as well as expedited intl shipping and raised our prices accordingly to avoid selling these at a loss and this resulted in a suspension.


I just received the same thing and my price has been the same price for 6 years.


Seems like that change either caused the price alert to be reevaluated or there is a bug in the price alert because your actual business price would have been the non business price. That is to say if your business price is higher than the regular price it uses the regular price.


We just made a case - lets see what they come back with…

Lets begin by just admitting this FAIR PRICE bot - doesn’t work very well.

It also doesn’t always compare APPLES to APPLES.

Instead of going thru every ASIN that get blocked - lets talk about
We were blocked due to violating the Fair Pricing Policy/Price Gouging.

  1. A Single Piece on Amazon ASIN B000052YM0 - Goes for $7.99

  2. ASIN B00IG0WKKE was for a (Pack of 6) - Our Price $33.30.
    $33.30 divided by 6 is $5.55

So we are SAVING BUYERS $2.44 on every piece.
If a buyer purchased 6 of ASIN B000052YM0 it would cost them $47.94
Our (Pack or 6) price is $33.30 so we are SAVING Amazon buyers a total of $14.64

So how could we be Price Gouging or have an UNFAIR price??

We should be UNBLOCKED and the VIOLATION removed.

We received a few others and it’s easier to just delete them to make case after case when we’ve done nothing wrong.

Perhaps the BOT does not take “Package Quantity” into account properly

Infuriating Amazon Demand

Me too. My product is blocked now. It is for a multi pack product. Been the same price since 2016.


Yes they are, we got suspended for the same thing. Kept changing the price to be in “policy”, however they do not tell you what price range you should be in. It is dangerous to keep changing the price to get into whatever the threshold is. Right now I wouldn’t risk it until the bots calm down.


Exactly,i am tied of explaining it to customers too.Someone really needs to explain that to public too.We dont have amazon shipping rates.I see for example 50lbs rice i have been selling it for 6 years.Its not selling fast because its expensive,Same item in stores are lot cheaper.But now we almost sold out.But shipping for that its around $45-$75 plus amazon commission.Also people working.I have fewer people.Now paying more salaries to my guys because they go and buy these items from distributors.Customers saying same rice is $19 in stores why are you price gauging???!Some one needs to tell them Neither amazon or shipping companies work for free.I make $7 after all the fees from the rice so i am price gauging for the rice i am buying for $20.


yes they are suspending people for price gouging even if it’s $1.00 more than what other retailers selling it for


It is more likely that you will be ignored forever. You would be lucky to get an answer.

I see people are trying to make all sorts of reasoning.

But this is not about fair price or not, but about whether a buyer complained or not. A buyer/customer is always right regardless. Even if the customer is wrong, the customer is still right. That is a philosophy to be successful for many retail giants such as Amazon, CostCo …


Be careful, but its gotten insane what consumers are complaining about. Remember, most consumers have no idea how a business works, know absolutely ZERO about economics, and have been trained over the years to expect every product at rock bottom price, in one day shipping, to be able to use it and return it damaged or just keep it and demand a refund.

Most customers have no idea that the amazon shipments going out now are being FBM shipped by people actually risking themselves to make product available, and generally working their A** off, working way harder than they have ever worked while they sit at home and watch netflix all day.
My crew is working full time late night shifts and I personally have put in almost 100 hours a week the last two weeks. I’m not complaining, I love it, but plenty of customers think amazon orders are just magical and have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

Ive found if you price items reasonably, considering what it costs to ship them, most people don’t complain and you’ll be fine. If amazon repeatedly takes it down or adjusts the price, then just don’t mess with it and don’t risk yourself. there’s millions of things to supply and sell.


These bots not only hit you for price increases. I have been getting hit for “Price Alerts” after lowering prices wanting to move inventory. Amazon “bots” then hits me for high/fair pricing alert and wants me to match the “lowest price” which happens to be over twice the amount I want to offer. There is no way I’m going raise my price to match such an inflated price.

Tired trying to deal with Seller Support over this. Their best solution is to delete the listing and relist the item. Our solution is not to change any prices for now. I honestly believe the bots are screening ASINs that are having prices changed.

Stay safe and healthy.