Can’t see an order


Hey. I receive an order for an item. I go to my page and it say I shipped. It makes my order late. What’s going on? This is the second time this has happened to me. No way to contact buyer . Thanks.


Did you ship the order late? Did you ship it by the “ship by” date on the order details page?


Are you looking under FBA orders? You need to click the view FBM orders link to see the orders you need to ship.


I think that you are trying to say this:

I received email about an order, and then I went to sellercentral and checked ‘manage orders’, and the most recent order was marked shipped.

If so, you probably have your filters set wrong.

Go to the ‘manage orders’ page. Notice on the far left, it says ‘quick filters’ in blue. Check the filters in that line. Also, look at the pale blue box below entitled ‘refine by:’.
Either of those could hide recent orders if they are set wrong.


Check your date range on orders page if lets say the date range is showing May 1st to the 7th and the order came in on the 8th you would not have seen it as it will only show you the orders within those 7 days

We always make sure our date range is always set at 30 days, then when lets say June hits we make sure we change the date range from June 1st to the 30th