Can one do Fulfillment by Amazon with an individual seller plan?


Simple question, but have not been able to find an answer anywhere. Thanks for any help you can provide!



You can, but I’m not sure it’s a smart move. In addition to all the comimssions and FBA fees you have an extra 99 cent per item fee that pro sellers don’t have. And you get no shipping concession.

So unless you’re items are, say above $12, you can lose money doing it.

Best to self fulfill for awhile, and when you can see you’re going to sell 40 or more units a month, switch to pro seller. Not smart to jump into FBA until you know the ropes. Enough of a learning curve on Amazon without throwing FBA on top of it.

Plus, many items are restricted. If you send something to FBA that ends up being restricted you’ll have to pay to get it back. We hear from lots of sellers wondering why they lost money, or even ended up owing Amazon after the sale.

But if you want to jump in, go ahead. But read all the FBA help files six times first.


Thank you so much! I have definitely found this to be a bit of a journey, so am very grateful for your response. Thank you for taking the time.


To add to Style’s excellent advice;

It makes sense to remain with an individual account until you reach a sales level of 40 units per month. Then you will want to change to Pro. That’s the breakeven point for the per item charge verses the pro account fee.



I think its just fine to jump right into FBA. In my experience FBA doesn’t complicate things - it +simplifies+ things. FBA sellers do not have to worry about postage, packaging, returns, shipping deadlines, getting to the post office daily, delivery scams, or insurance. Using FBA I can do in one day what it would take me a week to do if I self-fulfilled. That alone is worth the cost of FBA to me.

When I send something to FBA I just forget about it because Amazon does everything after that. Try doing that with a local inventory. For example I’m going to the beach next week - it I self-fulfilled I could never do that - I’d have to stay home and ship ^#$%@ packages, lol. Going FBA from day one was the smartest thing I’ve done in years.

Yes, you have to figure FBA costs into your pricing to make an acceptable profit, but that’s not exactly rocket science. The FBA Revenue Calculator helps a lot in that area.


having control over your stock is why I haven’t tried FBA. I like being able to pull an item and make a local sale if I want. Also you can go on vacation just pack your shipment and then go inactive until you get back. Be sure to answer messages still!

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