Can I ship small products without tracking?



I’m selling some small low value products that fit inside in an envelope.

Can I ship them that way or do I absolutely need to provide a valid tracking number?



I know there’s been a bit of debate about this - in light of some new Amazon changes, noted here:

But, unless I missed it, I don’t see where Amazon (i.e., a mod) actually came back to clear up any of the confusion.

Of course, I summarily dismiss any of the reported Seller “Support” responses quoted there. They might accidentally get something right sometimes, but we can’t hang our collective hats on that.


Unless something has changed, yes you can send under $10 items without tracking with no penalty to that metric. That $10 ceiling includes shipping and sales tax – so the total must be under $10

However, Amazon did recently make an announcement regarding changes to the way they examine that tracking, and that announcement made no mention of this under $10 exception.

I don’t find that announcement now.

Never mind – I see Diane has posted it.


Keep in mind that if you do this, anytime a buyer states they did not receive the product you would need to issue a full refund.


If I had to guess, right now, which way the wind is blowing, I’d go with the accuracy of this nice encapsulation by April…despite Amazon’s best efforts to confuse the situation.

But please come back and update if Amazon gives you any grief on this. For, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, Amazon is not to be trusted to follow its own stated policies.


I wouldn’t.


IMO you need to evaluate whether this site is an appropriate choice.

Buyers expect tracking.
Fees for low priced items require you move tonage of your products.
You WILL have buyers who claim non-receipt and need to refund in full and have to absorb the loss.

If you are selling items like labels stickers or vinyl decals, you will have to deal with your competition ripping off your designs.


You are totally wrong. Sales tax is NOT included in the total less than 10.00
9.99 is less than 10.00.


Anecdotal evidence posted here in the forums indicate that sales tax does count toward that total.

This from postings before this last change.