Can i register as a brand on Amazon if my Trademark has not yet been signed


I have received my trademark reg certificate and number and amazon still will not accept it as proof .
I also have my logo registered and they will not accept that either.

they keep saying because it says it’s on the supplemental register that is not registered. I have a 3D artwork copyright.
USPTO told me that I will be on the supplemental register for 5 years, before it expires.

HELP me get through to whom ever is the person that knows what they are looking at and not the one that does not understand my paperwork.


Unfortunately, the Amazon Brand Registry program requires participants to own trademark that is Registered on the Principal Register of the selected few countries the program has decided to accept.

This is to ensure that a candidate Brand has viable distinctiveness that is vetted by those countries’ trademark examiners (who are lawyers that happen to practice a detailed level of intellectual property concerns).

According to the Refusal/Office Action you received, your Mark had some element(s) that did not allow that distinctiveness – as perceived by the Examiner – and for 5 years must now be sidelined for Registration while your use of that Mark achieves some level of fame for the goods in the Class in which you applied.

As you know, a copyright has no such vetting, nor does it immediately associate a Brand with a particular Class of goods used in commerce.

Your candidate Mark simply does not meet program guidelines.

It would take less time to create an alternate Mark that can proceed to Registration and be associated with your goods. In the alternative, you can began the appeals process with TTAB (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) to promote your current Mark to the Principal Register, but these proceedings take time and may still be unsuccessful. Another alternative is to evaluate your rationale for participation in Amazon Brand Registry and determine if there are other ways to effectively achieve the same goals.


The funny thing is not long ago they were only asking couple pictures of your warehouse and products for you to be able to register your brand before they came up with this trademark. Did they require those old sellers to re register their brands with a trademark? I don’t think so.


this is exactly why people like us have to have registered brand on Amazon. At least we can report counterfeit items once we become the brand.


Yes, I am now asked to re-register


I hate this brand registry I received an email from Amazon saying it was approved that they received the application and it was approved. So I went to the brand registry put the number in that they gave me and put it into the computer, well it didn’t work? I don’t know where to go now. If someone can help that would be AWESOME.


Yes. I lost Brand Registry because trademark is required now.

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