Can I pack units in a carton exceed 25" if it contains oversize unit which is not longer 25"?


Recently we got warning from Amazon due to carton oversized issue,
we were told that an oversize unit which is under 25", cannot be packed multiple units within a carton exceed 25".

Here is the language on the official Seller Central website regarding Oversize Carton. “Boxes containing multiple standard-size items must not exceed 25.00 inches on any side. A box may exceed the 25.00 inch limit if it contains oversize units that measure longer than 25.00 inches.” (Please refer to full policy in below image.)

As you can see, the first sentence doesn’t apply because this is an Oversize item. The second sentence doesn’t mention anything that sellers may NOT do. Which means it does not clearly stat, that seller can’t ship an oversize unit, which is under 25", in a carton exceed 25".

So as far as I can tell, we didn’t violate any rules per the official language on official website.

anyone meet the same issue? Please any advance is greatly apprestrong textciated!


It doesn’t say specifically that you can’t when it comes to oversized items because it very clearly tells you the only situation where is allowed is for oversized units that are longer than 25 inches. You can allow a small amount of space so that the item can fit in the carton. For example a product that is 24.5 inches long that needs some dunnage to be shipped safely doesn’t need to be wedged into a 25 inch carton. A 23 inch item is more likely to cause issues if the shipping carton exceeds 25 inches.

In summary: standard sized items, it is never allowed. Oversized items it is only allowed when the item itself is over 25 inches. You violated policy and continuing to do so risks hefty fees for being over the allowed size or losing your ability to send in items for FBA.

That is not true at all. They will still hit you with the fees and suspend you. Even in fulfillment centers that handle a lot of oversized items, most of those items are still able to fit in the standard 25 inch cartons and most of the receiving process is automated at points.

Amazon wants any items that don’t need to be handled specially because they are too long or bulky to be able to be moved around on rollers/conveyer belts easily to come in in carton sizes that facilitate that.


Note that unless a single of your oversized items weighs over 50 pounds (in which case you can only send a single unit per carton), you are still required to keep your carton under 50 pounds total. If your item itself weighs 25 pounds, you will only be able to include a single unit as the shipping weight will be over 50 pounds if you try to put 2 per carton.

If your single unit is over 50 pounds and you send in a carton with a single unit, you will need to put team lift stickers on it.


What part of this are you not understanding? It is not just that the box contains an oversized product. It must also be longer than 25 inches.


I think some people just read things so as to justify the argument they want it to support even if it means being blinded to important words like “if”.

Imagine how long every help page would be if Amazon phrased everything both as what is and isn’t allowed, what may or may not be done: “Boxes containing multiple standard sized items may not exceed 25 inches on any side. Boxes containing multiple standard sized items must be 25 inches long or under on all sides. A box may exceed the 25 inch limit if and only if it contains oversized units that measure longer than 25 inches. If the box contains multiple oversized units under 25 inches in length, the box must be under 25 inches on all sides.”


I will defer to your comment, because I realize now that my answer was based on my experience from quite some time ago.

I don’t think that I have shipped an item that fits the OP’s description in at least five years. For that reason, I deleted my answer. It was the first response, and I don’t want anyone to read it and not read further…


I recently had this problem and tried to make a similar argument. It’s very simple your box cannot exceed 25 inches unless you have OS items inside who’s length also exceeds 25".

My experience is this rule is not always adhered to and some FCs just started getting strict about it. The “preview” fee I’ve seen is $25, but they have not actually charged this fee yet. The solution is to get your boxes reconfigured so the length does not exceed 25 inches. You will have less units per case pack, but Amazon makes the rules here.