Can i do this to avoid FBA storage fees?


If stock is about to be old enough for amazon to start charging long term storage fees can i request it is sent back to me, then send it straight back to FBA ?

What costs will be incurred other than shipping?

Also an different question: Amazon removed one of my ASINS in error so it couldn’t sell for weeks.
They re-instated the ASIN eventually and admitted fault. They will be charging me long term storage fees even though the product is only there because of them. How can i stop this?


I believe Amazon will restrict you from sending inventory back if it is removed to avoid long term storage fees. I believe you need to wait 90 days unless your inventory falls below the amount of sales you will have in 30 days.


Here is a good link on Removing Inventory and here is one that explains the Fees.

Like @HDMS stated, removals can take up to 90 days to physically remove the inventory from Amazon’s warehouses and an additional 2 weeks should be calculated in for the carrier to deliver the shipment.

Amazon also incurs a FBA Inventory Storage Overage Fee, so you will have to determine which is the best option for your products based on their sales turn and projections!


Yes, you can have your items returned to you and you can ship them back. I would make sure it’s worth it and does not exceed the actual difference.


Understand it does not come back very clean or in good shape. They will put stickers on it and your products will have a lot of road and warehouse rash on them.

The stickers drive us nuts. We have seasonal product that must go through a recall at the end of the season. For all those items we use suffocation bags to keep the original packaging and trade dress in good shape.

Do know they come back in drips and dribbles, not all at once.


oh that’d explain why they keep writing off tons of my stock as damaged then 🤦