Can I change the ASIN?


For 1 product that I have in FBA, I have found 4 different products listings.
1- Is this OK and should not Amazon unify these to ona UPC and ASIN?
2- If not, is it possible to move my product from one ASIN to another one?
3- If it is possible to “move” from one to another, what would be the process? Inventory is already at Amazon

Thank you!


No you can’t change the ASIN.
Don’t count on Amazon Merging ASINs

If you want to list under one of the other ASIN’s you have to place a removal order for your FBA inventoy, delete your listing, then create a new product under the ASIN you want then Re-send to FBA.


What you mean by “re-send” to amazon FBA? the product it is already there, it should be just labelled differently (maybe)…


I’ve had Amazon merge ASINs many times. Some were obvious and needed to be merged because they lacked bullet points, photos or UPC numbers. Amazon may ask you for proof by asking you for the manufacturers webpage.

Amazon is not likely to merge one into another one if they are listed under different UPC numbers.

You can also point out which one need to remain active and if Amazon agrees with you, they will do it.


Should is up to Amazon … All you can do is ask them if they will (IF as mentioned they al have the same UPC and the products match.
> 2- If not, is it possible to move my product from one ASIN to another one?
Actually it is …
> 3- If it is possible to “move” from one to another, what would be the process? Inventory is already at Amazon
Why has my listing’s ASIN changed making my inventory unavailable for sale on

The most common cause for this scenario occurs when a merchant lists an item already existing with an ASIN as a new item, thus generating a new ASIN. This will create two products for the same item. To correct this, will assign the item with the merchant’s new ASIN to the original ASIN. If this occurs, the inventory will need to be relabeled by the Amazon fulfillment centers so that it will be associated with the pre-existing ASIN. You will need to contact us for assistance. This can be prevented by verifying that a product does not already exist before creating a listing for a new product ASIN.

I have been able to get items relabeled before … and we’ve discussed the pro’s and con’s in here on doing this before … but you might be charged a labeling fee under the ‘Unplanned Prep Services’ or hopefully just the standard FBA Label Service fee of .20/item.


I have a similar question/issue. I sell an item with two ASINs. ASIN #1 has a more favorable pricing structure so I want to sell FBA under this ASIN. The first time I sent inventory the FC received and marked it as “Unexpected”. I couldn’t get anyone to move the units to the correct ASIN and they sold under ASIN #2 for a lower price. The second time I included a packing list, which I didn’t do the first time, and marked the box clearly with the SKU, ASIN, and EAN and they went to the correct ASIN. The third time I did the exact same process that I did the second time…packing list and clearly marked interior packaging. However, it has again been received as “Unexpected”. I requested a reconciliation through SC, providing the correct ASIN and EAN. SC just came back politely explaining that my items were incorrectly marked with the wrong ASIN and attaching an image of the product under ASIN #2. In researching through the Forums I now think that the different FCs scanning equipment may show different ASINs for the same product. If that is the case you have to be lucky and get sent to the FC that uses the ASIN you want to list under.

I have tried to label each item, but the system says that labels are not required for my product and doesn’t give me the ability to create them.

Has anyone else had this issue and is there any way to ensure that your product goes to the ASIN you want it listed under?


Create a removal order, to get the items back to you. Then, create a new product using the ASIN you want. Once you created the new product, label them with the new barcodes and re-send to the fulfillment center.

Yes, they need new labels. I wouldn’t count on Amazon doing it for you.

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Thank you for responding. I decided that it was easier to cave in, so I created a new product using the SKU they assigned when they received the inventory. It was faster and easier than bringing it back here and sending it out again.


I am sorry, my above response was to “il aurora”.

I have no idea what you are doing with your FBA inventory, but it doesn’t sound right and I don’t recommend anybody do it your way. Sounds like a good way to lose inventory to me.

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