Can I buy an item from existing seller and resell that?


I am planning to sell a few products in amazon fbm and amazon fba but they are still under manufacturing, we need to test amazon fba with a third party software for integration and functionality check. Also being new into Amazon is it feasible that I buy some items from an existing seller and relist against the same ASIN to test on Amazon FBA? Will I have to buy UPC code for the product I buy from seller in Amazon itself. Any guidance and help would be great. Thanks in advance


so you have a little understanding of how amazon works. read a few days worth of posts here so you can see how easy you can get in trouble. even just listing a product you don’t have legit invoices for can get you suspended. if you have access to a wholesaler then go there for your test stuff, it would be safer.
good luck
it is fun, a little, different than i thought, and mostly no leeway.


The short answer is NO just don’t complicate your account starting with problems, stay away. You will need a good standing account with your new products. Good luck.


Thank you for your help. That was really eyeopener. I had an idea that it will be a troublesome situation to do so. But your answer helped with clarification. Thanks


Thank your for a straight reply that helped


you will discover that your best info overall will be found here, and not support.


Yes you can try. I did years ago when there were “NEW” items listed at a tiny fraction of the cost of buying them from the publisher/manufacturer. Very few were actually no where near new so I returned them and gave up on that.


Just curious on why you would think this??


Years ago maybe. But not now.
New selling accounts are under tons more scrutiny. Sellers are expected to be able to provide legit invoices. Which they would not have in this scenario. You’re talking about potentially costing them their account.