Can customers use Amazon Gift Cards on any listing?


A customer sent me a message asking me if they can use an Amazon Gift card for my items.
I’m not sure how Amazon gift cards work… any insight would help!
Thanks in advance



They apply it to their buyer account.

When they check out they are asked whether they wish to use the gift card balance.

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Well, I’ve tried to use Amazon gift cards & I could only use them if I was buying directly from Amazon. I couldn’t use them to buy from a seller like us.


No you haven’t, not unless your balance was insufficient to cover the purchase.


Best answer.


Simple answer … Absolutely


The answer is YES!

Amazon gift cards are just as good as cash on

Basically your customers makes the order and enters their gift card into checkout. Amazon will make sure that you receive the money you are supposed to receive.

Its always better to know how payments work on Amazon


Yes and let buyer know politely that all transactions be it involve a credit card,gift card etc is handled by amazon and we vendor just ship once order is cleared by amazon.This just helps clarify as many buyers have no clue that we sellers,dont handle anything to do with payments.


yes, just about the only thing they can’t use it on is amazon gift cards.


I have used Amazon gift cards multiple times with 3P seller purchases. Never had a problem.


As others have said, for a gift card, as long as it goes through the Amazon platform for purchasing, yes, they can use it. However, be sure they mean a gift card, and not a promotional credit; a credit of such can only be used on items sold by Amazon itself.




I use them all the time for purchases directly from Amazon and from 3rd party sellers and have never had a problem.

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