Can 'compromised' accounts be avoided?


Hello Amazon & MWS!

I represent the dev team tasked with an API driven early payment solution for Amazon Sellers. It works a bit like a credit line, but is more like a factoring agreement where we make early payments to Sellers based on their completed sales. A required piece of onboarding a Seller includes having them update their deposit information to our business banking account, then as settlement data becomes available we do the accounting and provide remaining balance less early payment fees. From our perspective, being in receipt of their Amazon payments helps us mitigate risk and ensure we can properly account and close the cash loop with our clients.

We are working out the early stages of prototyping the product, and have seen a change to a Seller account’s banking detail for deposits will put it in a ‘compromised’ state, and our account data becomes invalidated. Looking at some threads in the forums, it seems like some form on intervention was required to get a fix in.

Is there anything we can do to smooth this transition out with our buyers? Is there anyone at Amazon we, or our Sellers can contact when we require a legitimate redirection of Amazon payments?

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Thanks much, we are very interested in your ideas here.