Can buyer leave feedback or file a-z claim if I do not mark order as shipped?


If I don’t mark buyer’s order as shipped for a long time, can buyer have the buttons leave negative feedback or file a-z claim on me?
Thank you


Why would you do this? If you ship late you get a late shipping hit on your metrics. If you don’t ship within 30 days, Amazon will automatically cancel the order. Buyers can leave negative feedback or file a claim if you don’t ship the order.


Why would you not ship an order for a long time? What is your handling time for the order?


Yes, a buyer can open an A-Z claim, and leave negative FB.


Are you out of stock? If so, contact the buyer. Tell them honestly what the problem is. Many are willing to cooperate.


I received an order from a competitor, who writes message to me saying that he’s going to file claim on me.
Therefore I would just like to know the issue of filing claims.
Thank you for that


forward that threatening email thru buyer abuse and include the order number, but not shipping will shine a bad light on you, so report him quickly.


I will try it now, thank you so much

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