Can anyone tell me how to get ungated in DVD etc.. category


Thought I could get ungated in the DVD category(I can sell for the Under 25$ ones). Note my Metrics are great. Supplied 3 different Invoices each with 3 different DVD sets at 5/6 per set. I did show the prices on these, and someone said that might have done me in. Any Thoughts. Amazon doesn’t help with why they didn’t approve(see email). If anyone did this help would be great. Thanx Don


There are many sellers that have gone successfully through the approval process. We did last year when they first announced that all sellers would be required to go through the approval process or else find those DVD’s that are restricted to have our listings pulled.

I want to provide some suggestions for you to verify the following facts on your invoices.

  • Total of 3 invoices all within the last 180 days
  • All invoices are from the same distributor
  • You have multiple products and units for each
  • The products have an MSRP of more than $25
  • Invoices contain the following information:
    – Your name and contact information or your company’s name and contact information
    – The name and contact information of the company that provided the invoices or purchase orders
    – The names of the products you purchased and the quantity of each product
    NOTE: Online receipts or store receipts will not be accepted. Your invoicing must be from a distributor/supplier.
    There have been posts on these forums talking about there needing to be a minimum total of 30 units purchased on each invoice (not sure if this is an unpublished requirement but if your invoices are very small counts this could be the reason). Recently there have been discussions on these forums where Amazon has been revoking DVD un-gating because they were approved based on invoices from there supplier; DVA. If this is your supplier, this might be the reason.

Without specifics, all that can be done is to offer suggestions and speculate as to why Amazon is rejecting your invoices. I hope some of this will help identify the reason.


The invoices have to be from one of the big boy wholesalers, and order of 100s of units per title.figure $5000-$10,000 investment.

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