California warehouses not accepting shipments


Seems like Cali warehouses mostly not accepting inventory at the moment, for >1 week.

Anybody else noticing that FBA placement from CA is heading invariably to the midwest and the east cost (instead of ONT8 as usual for placement from LA)? With placement off, I can get a 110 SKU order to ship 10 units to SMF3 or LGB7, but the other 100 SKUs back east across the country. This has been happening for shipments intended to send from LA and San Bernardino.


In the low months we have found that 18 units of a standard size SKU would route to ONT8 which is a re-distribution center Under 18 would be split between 2 to 3 FC’s. During peak times and as of late the bar has been raised to 50 units per SKU to be directed to ONT8

Try a test order with 50 units to see if all standard size items are directed to ONT8. If so you can plan from there.


@outdoor_ has this one correct.


I guess I haven’t tried a shipment like 1 SKU 18 units. My shipments are more like 100 SKUs 600 units. Lower units per SKU, but more SKUs.

Have you tried your usual shipments within the last week and gotten it to go to ONT8? And what did those shipments look like? You speak in generalization about the low months, but I’m talking about a reticence to take inventory in California that I haven’t seen before.


I just sent 1 sku, 100 units to ONT8 as two master packs. They were definitely slower than usual, but first case is checked in and scanned, still waiting on second case. Seems to just be slow.


Some of the qualifiers you use lead me to believe this might not have even been in the past week

But even if it was, you’re talking one SKU. I’m trying to send dozens or hundreds.


The last shipment I was able to send to LGB8 was 7/4/2020.
Since then, all our FBA shipments from Arizona have gone to LAS1 (Henderson, NV). On another note, all our east coast shipments are still going to the same FC as always.
Really don’t know if this helps you, just wanted to share our experience.


Well it was last week into this week, but you’re right, I haven’t sent mutliple skus in months, but it shouldn’t impact the shipment unless maybe the 200 unit limits apply to shipments as well?


It doesn’t apply.

But they may have taken you because you were 1 sku 18 units, but be closed for larger shipments.

A lot of my attempts, they would take 10 SKUs 1 unit, out of the 110 SKUs 1 unit each (i edit to add in up to 6 additional units after shipment approval, per their allowed guidelines). So I can see why they’d take 1 SKU 18 units. Maybe I should try to send a bunch of different shipments of 20 units.


I think you confused me with someone else, mine was 100 units. Also did you check if you have any new overall storage limits. I got a limit of 200 cu. ft, down from unlimited.


I just conducted a test order with 5 random standard size SKU’s with a SoCal ship-from location. At 50 each all 5 were routed to ONT8 I changed to 49 and all 5 were routed to 3 FC’s around the Country.


Gotcha. But yours was case packed, unfortunately that’s not an option for me for these shipments. Still think the only way I get them in potentially is lessening quantity, as the poster was successful with 1 unit 18 skus… but I guess he was case packed too.

I’d love to hear from people who are shipping more similar to my profile within the last week, 30-several hundred skus, small units per SKU generally, not case-packed, from California and trying to ship nearby.

No storage limits, my IPI was above. At 181/unlimited, 0.4/unlimited, 0/unlimited.


Interesting. I may try to look at some of the SKUs I can ship 50 units of, thanks. Was that case-packed in either or both cases?


This is our experience also. Our regular FC is ONT8 as we are California based, and most shipments less than 40-50 units are split across the country. We just increase inventory to push the system to a west coast FC instead of east. Some of our items are not worth selling if we have to shift from ONT8 to places like New Jersey continuously. For us, current ONT8 LTL shipments are receiving in about 11 days from departure, including 2 days of carrier transit.


We notice that our inventory gets picked up next day and received the same day only when we ship FTL. The moment we go LTL it gets stuck for 2 weeks
Hope this helps

Edit: All our stuff goes to LAX9


Most of my shipments are going to SMF3 and they are so slowwwwwww. Average check in time is like 2 or 3 weeks from the date of the delivery.


Yes, I ship from Phoenix and weekly have sent in to Ritalo. I haven’t sent to any CA warehouses in about a month or two. My biggest shipments are being sent to Henderson, NV and then east coast. I do like the Henderson location though. I ship Monday and it arrives Tuesday and is already being added to inventory. In the past I send to Ritalo and it doesn’t get scanned in until Friday, almost 5 days after I shipped.


Whether case packed or individual units, if the total unit count is 50 or above the shipment is routed to ONT8 If the total unit count is less then 50 whether case packed or individual units the shipment is routed to 3 different locations.

An exception for less than 50 units would be if you only have 1 case of each SKU (Ex: 1 case of 49 units) The SKU would be assigned to a single FC, But it wouldn’t be assigned to ONT8


Hmm. That doesn’t seem completely correct (at least for me, see examples in OP) but hearing your success gives me the motivation to try a few different things and see if I can get anything to work. I’ll report back.


Same. Delivered at SMF3 on 7/23. Still sitting there.