C# API to pull Unshipped Orders



Dear Friends, I am a bit new to this system and trying to learn and explore as much as possible.
Currently I am working on process automation using C# application, it will be a great help if I can manage to pull amazon Orders through any C# based API into my application and then process it further.
Currently we are using Order Reports and then provide the it to the application. Anyone can help me with this integration ? or have any prior experience of doing Amazon and C# integration.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.
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Amazon has a C# library for connecting to MWS.



Thank you for replying HDMS :slight_smile:
Do you have any sample application ? or video/Template for the utilisation of these APIs ?


I don’t as I’ve never used them. I’ve only used the PHP libraries.


If you Google

mws c# report download example

you’ll see one on Github. No idea how good it is, but it might give you something to work with.

bunga bunga!


Dear bunga_bunga,
Github resource is good, as it is indicating towards the idea, but not successfully running.
I dont know from where to start from, I have downloaded the classes provided by Amazon but puzzled with its utilisation, is there anyone who have done this before and can share some knowledge in this regards ???


I am trying to fetch the unshipped orders report to grid view in C# windows application… can anyone help ??


The C# library contains sample code for this. However it also depends on which report specifically you are trying to either retrieve or generate. Can you provide the specific report type and if it has been scheduled or not?


I am trying to fetch unshipped orders from amazon into a grid view or in a data table in my C# application, the provided library are huge and have a lot more things inside making it very complex, I need something simple so I can understand the system please consider it as an starting point of integration.
Ideally a C# application which requires account credentials and fetch unshipped sales orders into the grid on a button click.


Dear Buildcom,
have you also used C# apps for your process automation ?


No. We use Java. Using the client library makes authentication much simpler. If you want to do it manually you can try and figure out how the client library does it. However another choice is to simply trim the functionalities you don’t want to handle and keep the ones you do.


Yes, I am trying to doing the same. but still a bit difficult… can you share Java code ? right now only trying to integrate with unshipped orders report and bulk entry for shipping details(tracking numbers) only need these two processes to automate and integrate with my app. it will be easy to maintain, as currently I am facing a lot of difficulty.
But cant find any easy material of C# integration, libraries are very hard to understand, no written manual or even no comments in entire code :frowning:


Anything simple or understandable ?? Anyone ???


Sharing Java code won’t really help. I would recommend you test your code at first using their samples and see if you can get that to work. After that start removing things from the library if you see fit but to be honest I don’t think that is really necessary.


Any updates regarding c# code


What updates are you waiting for?


I am trying to get the order details in my my asp .net web application .Looking for C# code to get the order details as user first signin using amazon login api and directly get the order details from amazon seller account to my website as a csv file or excel file.


The library provided by Amazon has sample code for you. You could either user their Order API or their Report API.