Bye everyone!


Good luck, Eric, all the best to you going forward. – Christine


Hi. Best wishes…


Hey ! really smart , you are doing the right thing , as amazon is becoming more & more worse so this is the path i think everyone here should consider.


Best of luck to you. And I agree with you.


happy tails.

glad you got out alive


Mary, I agree with you. I too, have been selling on Amazon more years than I can remember, but the fun and pleasant experiences have fallen away and it is a real struggle to just survive here, with the unrealistic metrics constantly making life miserable (especially when one tries so hard to do things right). My problem is that I have close to 9,000 books and have spent so much time on them to list with Amazon, that I do not know what to do anymore ! ! I too have diabetes and you are absolutely correct about the med costs. Everything goes up but my income. I wish you the best - take care ! ! !


Well good luck on your future endeavors!


All the very best Eric. I wish you success in your endeavor .


Well said and I totally agree with you. Good luck to you and I’m not far behind you.


It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.
Good luck to you!


Very best of luck to you. I hope your business continues to exceed your expectations. I would love to be following in your footsteps soon.


Hi, … Eric

I saw you posted your photos before there were gone … your fur friends - dogs, desk & nice enviroment ,
Palm spring , CA.

Enjoy your routine life & work
Get healthy

For me on Amazon,
Full time > Part time > Hobby > Follow you , sooner or later.
Seller survivor


Good luck with everything!


Best Wishes to Eric also and I wish I could go with him… "things just ain’t the same!!! I can understand change but Amazon has gone through a lot of CHANGES in such a short period of time. It’s like trying to hold your head ABOVE water where either you swim or drown.

I miss the vets that you mentioned and especially Mav-Dak. Every one of us should have another Profit Center in place because I feel that selling on Amazon is gradually making it harder on the 3rd party sellers. I read several posts on the old forum where sellers were threatening suicide because they were suspended unexpectedly after years of selling. Don’t let Amazon control your life.


Very nice post. I miss the familiar names. Amazon used to be fun and there were some great knock down drag outs. Enjoy starvingactor. Amazon is a mess now.


Seems that is the sentiment with many small sellers.

Best Wishes and hope a new site comes along that treats the small sellers with better respect and help.


Good luck !!!



Not just small sellers getting fed up.

The foreign sellers with their endless flow up fake 5 star reviews makes it difficult for everyone.

The constant listing hijackings, which end up destroying a products rating.

And as a buyer, how many times will you accept a product that looks nothing like the description, or how many counterfeit products are you willing to receive before you walk away.

Buyers and sellers alike are getting pretty fed up.


Congrats! You have accepted the things that you cannot change, changed those things that you could and had the wisdom to know when its the time to get the Heck outta Dodge!


Best wishes to you.