Bye everyone!


It’s been a wild and crazy 16 year run here, but it’s time to move on. Since mid last year I have been planning my exit here and I’m happy to say I that I will be shutting down my seller accounts and leaving Amazon for good. The past few years have been challenging to say the least and the environment here is no longer conducive to small sellers and the rising FBA fees have become untenable.

“Adapt or die.” has always been the motto here, well I frankly got tired of adapting and started two new businesses within the last year which have exceeded my wildest expectations and don’t rely on a dishonest “partner” like Amazon.

I’ve enjoyed the many sellers I’ve befriended over the years and even respect some of my haters, but eventually all good things must come to an end. Good luck everyone it’s been nice knowing you!

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Good luck to you and may the future treat you with kindness.


You too Lake, with mutual respect. Thank you for the kind thoughts


Best of luck to you, Eric and congratulations for thinking outside of the Amazon box.


may you have luck in all that you do!!


Good luck to you in your future endeavors. Don’t know which is worse, the known present or the unknown future.


Thanks Rushdie! I’ve always been a chameleon when it’s come to my career and 15 years doing essentially the same thing was really getting tiring, the passion was gone. Some of the policy changes, while negative to my business provided me an impetus to move on.

For the past few years I had been volunteering at our local animal shelter and even though it was working for free, it sparked a passion. I’ve always been a life long animal lover and so I started looking into pet care and have started a pet care business offering daycare, boarding, dog walking and in home check-ins. I have been so busy I have literally turned away business. I have never been happier, plus I generally prefer dogs over most people so it’s been a win-win.

Thank you for all your positive contributions to this forum over the years and even though we have sparred on occasion it was done out of mutual respect. Best to you!


Good luck on future endeavors. I am also considering shutting down and doing the stuff in life that means more to me than working daily on Amazon and my other venues. I still have the spark in me to do better sales but you only have so many years to do your other goals and that mean a lot to me also…I remember you posting many years ago your one of the true old timers…!!!



Good luck to you in your future endeavors. Thank you for your contributions to the forum. I have learned so much from the different perspectives provided by sellers here. You will be missed.


A lot of us are not as active as in the past and are also pursuing other options, though I’m not ready to abandon ship yet.

Good luck in all you do and so happy for your new successful ventures.



Can’t think of better feedback than a wagging tail!!! :dog: Best of luck to you.


Good luck to you – and good timing. If you were going to leave anyway, this new forum is a good impetus to do it now.


Yeah, this new forum certainly made the decision even easier.


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Good luck @a_starving_actor. Best to you and your new doggie-filled life!


This business should be a natural for Palm Springs. I wish you all the best.


Your new life sounds wonderful! And what a fantastic addition to your area your new business is. Your name is one of the ones I remember seeing from my long-ago start here, so I’ll miss seeing you around, but am so happy that we can now picture you in your new field, doing such fulfilling work. Impossible not to smile as I type this. Ciao!!


@a_starving_actor … you will be missed !

You don’t know this but your name has been brought up very favorably when several of us get into a private discussion about the latest greatest Amazon issue as to someone to include. I know we never did include you but that’s a long story.

I wish you the best !



Thank you so much Marth! I have a permanent smile on my face and just about everyday I get to meet a new dog and my level of stress and frustration has reached an all-time low.

After doing this for so long and rolling with all the punches, you sort of get numb and I finally realized how awful Amazon has become (for me anyway) when I found greener pastures. It’s sort of like having a migraine for 15 years and not realizing it until it went away. All the best to you!


LOLOLOLOLOL! NIce to know at least somebody liked me. Thanks Rob–I’ve also enjoyed all of your contributions over the years.