Buyers says they received letter from Amazon Fulfilment


has anyone ever experienced a case where the buyer says they sent the item to amazon fulfilment centre for return but it was suppose to be sent back to you(third party seller)? they said amazon sent the item back to them with a letter to contact me.

they did not submit a return request and the return is over 30 days. i asked the buyer for a copy of a letter and they sent an image of a letter that does not look legitimate to me. see attachment


I haven’t seen this before but I did have amazon return to me something I shipped myself and the buyer mistakenly returned it to amazon


i contacted amazon to review the letter and they said it is not from them .


You don’t need to do any thing until you see a legit return request. Who ever wrote that does have some imagination.


Regardless of the authenticity of the letter, any orders from November 1 - December 31 are eligible for return until January 31. I would guess the letter is real - that’s an awful lot of work and effort to come up with that letter if you’re just trying to get an out of policy return. If it were to go to an A-Z, the buyer simply contacting you to return an item is the same as an “official” return request and you ignoring it or denying it wouldn’t bode well for your case. Assuming the order was from November onwards, I would reply with the address where they may return the item and let them know a refund will be provided after you receive the return.


If the letter isn’t real, it should be real because it’s the right thing for Amazon to do if a buyer returns a third party seller’s item to Amazon FBA.

My guess is the letter is real and maybe that’s because Amazon is receiving too many misplaced returns and now needs to initiate some official policy letterhead to get buyers returning their orders to the right places.

It doesn’t make sense for a buyer to make things up when they are eligible for a return anyway.


if you look closely the spacing and font of “from” in the beginning is in a different font. the letter just dont look professional

i am happy to accept the return . i just thought the letter looked odd.


This letter does look odd. I can’t imagine why a buyer would fake something like this. What is there to gain? Is the buyer making any demands from you?


My feelings are that it is legitimate. The first line is probably preloaded. Whether pre-printed or just loaded into a template?

Agree with above – way too much trouble for no gain if not from Amazon.

And Seller Support saying it is not from them is meaningless.