Buyers robbed me and Amazon does nothing


Recently I sent out an order of 6 angels figurines. Buyer decides she doesn’t like them. Said two were cracked, That sounded fishy to me. I never got the proof I asked for. Pictures of the cracked angels. Also one she didn’t want because she didn’t like it. All angels were in perfect condition. I tried communicating with her 7 times, no answer. I got fed up and gave her back her money. I knew Amazon would anyway so why bother? In the long run I lost 80 dollars of my own money shipping them and ended up with 28 dollars left from 263 dollars I had gotten from back, plus i told her to keep the angels. So she got half her money back and the angels. I feel like I was robbed by her and by Amazon. I have been a seller 20 years on here. I am thinking of closing my account. Amazon is not the same company it use to be.there is no seller protection.


Buyers do not have to respond with pictures . Did you respond with a prepaid return label ?

Sounds like you willingly refunded without requesting return .


I got fed up and gave her back her money.

How does you willingly doing something you thought you shouldn’t have translate to being robbed?

I knew Amazon would anyway so why bother?

Why do you think that? I have the same complaints about Amazon that we all do, but I’ve rarely had them do the wrong thing, when I was able to explain the situation to them correctly and clearly.

I would suggest, and I don’t mean any disrepect by this, that you could help yourself better by learning how to best describe a situation so that someone totally unfamiliar with it will understand what happened. In my observation, the inability to do this is the reason why the majority of sellers lose their cases.

A common challenge for people is to explain a situation to an outsider and include all the pertinent facts, while leaving out all the irrelevant ones. Because we’re all living in the middle of whatever is happening to us, we can easily forget to explain certain points that are obvious to us (because we’re living it) but that an outsider wouldn’t know.

IMO, your explanation was vague and hard to follow and I can’t figure out how/why you think you were “robbed”.

What I get from your description is that a buyer asked for a return, and instead of simply accepting it and processing it when you got your merchandise back, you got angry and argumentative, decided to refund in full and then claim your were robbed based on your decision.

You haven’t shown any evidence of either the buyer or Amazon doing anything wrong to harm you in this case.


you don’t get to ask for proof. You don’t need proof. All you do is say yes you can send them back and I will refund you when they get here and then send them a label. You weren’t robbed by anyone.

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You cannot ask for this. Simply send a prepaid return label next time.

You gave the customer her money and old the customer to keep the angels and you feel like you were robbed???
You weren’t robbed. You gave your stuff away.

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No seller support even from the sellers. Unkind world and unkind people.


Boy, this forum was a bad idea. proving again this world is harsh.


Half her money back may not suffice. If you did not refund in full, the buyer may still open an A-Z claim. Let’s hope that does not happen.

Sellers on Amazon need thick skin to not only deal with buyers, but also Amazon. Sellers that you perceive to be harsh have simply been to the point and policy minded. Meaning their years of experience selling on Amazon shows. I wouldn’t take it personal.

Under no circumstances do I refund without the buyer returning the item(s). I don’t want to encourage buyers to use such techniques to get freebies, plus whatever is returned may help cover my loss. Like you, I would have refunded half the product cost upon return knowing that the buyer could open an A-Z claim and likely win. But at least on return I have the opportunity to take pictures of the damaged item(s) to use in my defense should the buyer open an A-Z claim.


Not at all. But you came in here saying ‘I messed up and want to blame it on someone else’ and people told you that no, it was your mistake and gave you advice on how to avoid doing that again.

Sometimes to improve your situation, you need to shine the mirror on yourself and acknowledge how you contributed to the problem. It’s never fun to hear, but we’ve all been there and had our own moments of shame, embarrassment and learning experiences - on full public display in front of our peers.

You’ll feel bad now, but if you heed the advice given, you can improve your situation so you won’t have the same problems again in the future. Painful as it might be temporarily, what you were offered here can help you improve for the future.


the world is harsh , but it is the one we live in , not the one we think it should be .


This forum is lacking in regular posters who want to play the “ain’t it awful” game. Instead of playing that game, we play the one where we share how to avoid being a victim while still alienating the buyers.

You apparently thought you were going to get sympathy, instead you got advice as to how you might lose less in the future.


Sorry but I don’t see any reference to a gun being put to your head and being forced to refund the buyer. You readily admitted you gave back their money without a return of your own volition. You were not robbed, you just mishandled a return.

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This is not the place to come for a pity party, especially when the problem is your own fault. Had you simply followed Amazon’s policies and authorized a return you wouldn’t be feeling so sorry for yourself.


U robbed ur self =should have taken out a case-when will sellers stop this-never


It’s harsh because you got accurate and objective answers?


Ya’ll are ruthless. I think what OP was suggesting is that in more cases than not, Amazon sides with the customer in that the customer is always right. I have had questionable returns where I thought to myself, whats the point in fighting it? Is it worth the bad review? Is it worth the A-Z claim? Lets be honest, while Amazon is great, it is not uncommon that they side with the customer to keep customers happy, as most businesses do. The rest of ya’ll really do need to get off your high horses. People come here for assistance, not to be ridiculed.


For what I understand, it looks you overreact, and all blame is up to you. Best practice is to provide the pre paid label, and wait for the package been returned- then issue a refund accordingly policies.
I find that most buyers are not able to find the messages from sellers- So, your buyer could not receive your messages- by the way, 7 sounds a little bit harassment to me. And as well merchandise could be damaged in transit…


Read the comments


(Most of) the feedback you get here isn’t actually meant to be harsh. (Sometimes reality is though, no getting around that.)
You just happened to handle this scenario incorrectly (by most standards.)
Most of the hardworking folks here are trying to help by pointing out where you may have gone wrong, and how you might avoid it from happening again.
Posts looking for sympathy support (regardless of your root cause) usually need to be introduced that way when you start your thread. There are folks here willing to offer a genuine ‘poor baby’ pat if they know that’s all you’re looking for. (And most people do feel that need at some point or other.)
Best of luck to you.


There is no GRAY area here. When a buyer requests a return you provide the means for the item(s) to be returned. Upon receipt you provide a refund based on the condition of the returned product. We always deduct 20% on a discretionary return, and 50% if the item is returned in anything less than new condition - we only sell NEW. We have yet to have an A-Z claim.