Buyer wants replacement for a FBM sale... how do i do this?


In short, there isn’t an immediately obvious way on how to provide a replacement for a customer with an FBM sale.



Amazon doesn’t really acknowledge or recognize replacements for fulfilled by Merchant sales…

It’s best to go ahead & just have them reorder , another widget…

Unless there are some other interesting scenarios going on?

Replacements are usually done, but FBA fulfilled by Merchant sales…


Replacements for FBM are a bad idea, you can be out 2 products and the money when they file a claim. If you are in the wrong, do a returnless refund, and have them reorder.


The scenario is the item shows delivered but they did not receive


Open a case with the carrier to try and find the item.

If the item can’t be found:
If you used Amazon buy shipping and the customer files an A-Z claim, you will be covered. If not, you will have to refund the customer.

Do not send a replacement as you could lose the product and $$.



It seems you already knew this:


Yes i already know how to deal with an INR claim when a buyer just wants their money back, but this time they specifically asked for a replacement. Since that isn’t feasible, or even possible, I will simply tell them to do an a-z claim. Thank you