Buyer unable to contact us via our listing pages


We make and sell a customizable product. We do not have a trademark so we could not get into the Brand Registry. We filed for a GTIN exemption. Received that and we have been making our listings. No problem there.

But I noticed that on all of our listing pages that there is no way for a potential customer to contact us if they had a question. No link to our profile page. There is no way for them to contact us or for them to see our other products that we offer.

Our store name is shown under the listing title, however, that link goes to a generic page and not to our store/profile page. Seller support has already explained why that was.

I thought it was because I was logged in so I went to a different computer that we have in the house. Opened one of our listings and the results are the same. Absolutely no way for a person to contact us from the listing page.

This is only on our GTIN exemption listings. Any insight would be appreciated.


There is a button to press when anyone looking at your item, can Ask the Buyer a Question.
There are no links to pages, or outside Amazon locations.
People who buy on Amazon will know what to do.
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Hi CJ, thanks for the reply. Do you see a place to contact us on this listing? (If you have the time to look.) Thanks in advance. B086JDRXT2


Hi @B_S_C

There’s no way to contact any Seller directly from the Product Detail Page (PDP), unless they show up as the Seller, which isn’t always the case. This is because the PDPs are for any Seller and belong to Amazon (though Amazon Handmade PDPs are different, and perhaps also Amazon Custom).

I was able to get a link directly to your profile by placing an item into my cart. You might need to add that to the instructions in the description:

Click for screenshot

There were also two different places for shoppers to ask public questions.

Do you have an ASIN where you do show up? :thinking:


Thank you papyrophilia for the screenshot. It is good to know that it is possible for them to get a hold of us. Not ideal. Yes, we have one ASIN that works. When I made the listing it automatically entered our store name at the beginning of the listing title. It does not show up if I go into edit the listing. But the Live listing shows our store name. I can’t figure that one out either. B086H3HRT7


Yes because you’re listed as the Seller:

Click for screenshot

Theoretically, Amazon should be inserting the info from the Brand field prior to the info in the Title, which it evidently did for B086H3HRT7.

This product is not customizable and shows at Pet Supplies > Cats > Memorials. Your first was customizable and at Pet Supplies > Dogs > Memorials. Category shouldn’t be the issue, so it’s possibly the customizable option?

:thinking: What Brand did you enter for the first ASIN?


Correct. It is not customizable. It will accommodate ours or any other sellers products for that size. The Brand entered on all (except 2) of our listings is the same. Our store name.


They are all for that GTIN exemption.


Do you have another customizable ASIN where a clickable link directly to your Store profile does show?


None of them do.