Buyer says package was late when it wasn't


Received order for board game on Saturday 3/21 shipped Priority on Monday 3/23 they received it on 3/25. Amazon due date 3/26. Customer requests a return on 3/29 after having it 4 days. Return reason: Item arrived too late. WTF? Ok so now they get automated returns. I told her I assumed it wasn’t opened since it was not there in time to meet her needs. I wrote and asked her to just write refuse or return to sender on it so I do not have to pay return postage. No answer. So since this was on time according to the dates published by Amazon on that order, do I have any recourse with Amazon?
Also why was I not able to access Seller Forums through Amazon? I had to google it.


Even if was delivered on time, it appears they want to return the item.

Send them a prepaid label, get your item back.
Refund and move on.


But their reason on the surface is obviously flawed.and if it was late why wait so long to complain? I am not in the business of renting games


A buyer has thirty days from receipt to request a return.

The reason doesn’t matter except to determine who is responsible for the cost of return shipping.

This is a discretionary return (too late being just based on their own needs/definition).


That makes no sense if I read you right. I fulfilled my part of the bargain by shipping the next business day. It arrived before the latest due date.
Every buyer could then use the same fictional date in their head to claim it was too late. That makes for a very dysfunctional system and free returns for everyone no matter what.


Which part does not make sense?
The 30 day return policy no matter what the reason?


If wasn’t late according to amazons definition/ time frame- it can still be too late for the buyers personal reasons. In this case it would be a discretionary return and you deduct the return shipping cost, any shipping the buyer paid up front, and a restocking fee if you like and move on. No big deal.


Ok I get it. Thanks to both of you. I did ask her to write “return to sender” and send it back instead of using the label Amazon sent her.
It would be more to her benefit than mine. I have the feeling they played the game, decided that they just didn’t like it. I will know when it arrives


As far as taking the shipping out of the refund. I just refund the difference, And since I think I have the right to do so will amazon protect me against negative feedback?


Nope. The buyer has the right to leave a negative complaint about any fees if they want. You are allowed to assess them and the buyer is allowed to voice their opinion about it.