Buyer maybe trying to raise NCX Rate through repeated buys and returns. what to do?


I believe a buyer is purposely trying to buy my items and return them and complain to raise my voice of customer NCX rate for my mole repellents.

The buyer purchased ASIN 1 on 6/24/22 and then again another order on 7/21/22 purchasing 1 of each ASIN, then on that order they returned ASIN 1 for higher price than when they repurchased the same ASIN again on 7/27/22 for a lower price.

Now they are returning the same ASIN again and claiming the same thing.

So they repurchased the item in which they returned. A total of 3 purchases total.

This persons explanation to the return therefore should not be accepted as truth because they just repurchased the same item right after for cheaper then they returned it. They also purchased 2 ASINs which are just variations.

what do youi think? let me know.


If you believe the buyer is abusing Amazon policies you can go to Account Health > Report Abuse > A Customer Who is Violating Returns and Refunds Policies and report it.


Personally, I think there is a better way to damage your account.

But Amazon has every type of customer so … maybe, but I doubt it.

Did you not say that the 2nd purchase was for a lower price, and the 1st purchase return reason was because they found for a better price? How is that fraud.

It is surely not kosher, but…

I would message them, and tell them you are a small business, and this is costing you a fortune, and explain how much these returns are costing you.

But that is me. I try and inform my customers that we third party sellers are not trillionaires like bezo.
(In a nice, not threatening, informative way)


no but the reason they gave amazon was not “im returning for lower price.” Instead they said it didnt work in terms of effectiveness but then repurchased to item.


id also like to point out the fact that because the return was within a order that also ordered the other variation, both ASINs NCX rate has risen.


Hi @SwanSwan

Santiago with Amazon! I see that you are having issues with a costumer who is continually buying and returning your products, increasing your NCX rate.

This are the correct steps to report an abusive costumer, as you can see in our report abuse in the Amazon store video using this link.

We do not tolerate abusive behavior and will be happy to help you out. If you have further proof that this costumer is buying and returning your products with malicious intent, please give us a call using your “call me now” button if available. Our teams will be more than glad to help you, assuming there is enough proof of seller abuse, to send your information for an internal review.

Hope this you find this information helpful,



hello, the path to report is not as you say.

Account health>report abuse>A Customer Who is Violating Returns and Refunds Policies and report it.(this option is not there.)

so where do i click?


Dear Santiago_Amazon, Santiago_Amazon

I appreciate your help and your link. But Amazon NEVER did anything after my repeatly report a buyer who repeatly purchased and returned - with the same reasons “Product Not As Described” - for over three YEARS!!!

I have tried everything:

  1. reported to Amazon (the same link)
  2. started a support case - asking to stop allowing this buyer to purchase my products (amswer from seller support was "no, we can’t stop this buyer to purchase your products)
  3. directly email this buyer, nicely saying we are small mom-and-pop, and last name is not Bezos

NOTHING Worked. This buy continued to abuse, as recent as last month!!!