Buyer Left Neg FB for item I didn't sell them


Contacted Amazon twice and told them not my product. Said contact customer did that twice also no reply. Thats OK Amazon is losing money too. If I’m losing money thats 20% Amazon is not making. Guess they can’t figure that part out! lol. With out the sellers there would be no amazon. You would think they would look out for us.


The negativity and sarcasm I was referencing was from other sellers to new sellers when they are seeking help in the forum. I totally understand the sarcasm and negativity towards Amazon when trying to get seller support. :wink:


Does anyone think giving Amazon negative feedback on their Seller Support would actually improve how they “support” Sellers?


Oh we should give them praise for the crap job they do? Of course it’s not going to help but it’s not going to hurt! Can’t get much worse.


When you first ask for feedback removal, it creates a case if the system refuses.

Respond to the case that you did not sell shoes and the feedback is not for your order.


Responded twice same answer contact buyer. No response from buyer.


can you reopen the case?


Only twice and I did.


Try to talk to them over the phone rather than sending them messages. That may help.


That is not okay. It’s too bad about the feedback, but you are not allowed to “pester” the buyer. One contact is all.

And the advice to call the buyer is bad advice – that is explicitly forbidden.


Same thing just happened to us, even worse, the item that the feedback was left on, hadn’t even been received by the customer yet and was left a day after ordering. Still waiting for a response from Amazon. We shouldn’t have to waste our precious time dealing with these kind of issues.


They ended up removing the feedback. I did attach screenshots showing that the item had just been ordered and was still in transit, so possibly that helped.