Buyer Left Neg FB for item I didn't sell them


Buyer bought sports net from me and left a one star Feedback on a pair of shoes they bought. I sold them sports net. Amazon will not remove it. This is the feedback that sounds damaging to my Amazon Account .
This company will not refund u what u paid if u have a problem.I bought a boot,poor quality,tight instep.I took it to UPS,they shipped it and I was told Shoe Co deducted 8 dollars for restock, improperly shipped and it turned out to be another 5 dollars for?? I have called Amazon and hope they take this company off their site…30 yrs is not a lot of time to be in business…
You would think Amazon would want to protect our feedback so we would sell more and they would make more. Selling for 12 years on Amazon and maybe they got just a little to big. Whats the big deal about removing a feedback that was a mistake???



So you respond to the feedback… just cut and paste the paragraph below… Hopefully that will negate some of the potential harm this could do with the perception of your business , it’s all about perception… unfortunately Amazon has gotten very Twitchy, about removing any feedback, so you need to handle it yourself…

Thank you very much for your thoughts…Unfortunately according to our orders you bought a “fishing net”… we do not sell shoes, perhaps you have confused this order with another purchase you made … But were happy with your “sports net”… Any questions please contact us?


Because it costs Amazon money to respond to seller’s feedback removal requests, and Amazon is too cheap to do that. Adding to the potential harm of unwarranted negative feedback are Amazon’s threats to suspend sellers that request feedback removal.

Some sellers, myself included, believe Amazon has a responsibility to ensure feedback is accurate. Since Amazon wants profits and no responsibility for the false information/feedback they permit on their website, you may be better off complaining to your state AG and elected reps. This is particularly true if Amazon threatens to suspend your selling privileges for removing an incorrect feedback that harms your metrics and potentially your income. One can also argue that Amazon’s poor management of seller feedback is a form of wilful negligence that also misinforms consumers.


I posted a nice reply but didn’t like it so I canceled it and guess what of course you can’t rewrite it. It’s Amazon LMAO


Same thing happened to us. A customer gave a negative review for a product that we never sold. Requested the Feedback to be removed through the automatic removal tool; Amazon’s Artificial intelligence system didn’t remove it. Opened a case to have the feedback removed; the agent refused it as well. Spoke to someone over the phone; they couldn’t do anything. Spoke to a manager he couldn’t do anything.
The only solution they had was to speak to the customer and request him to remove the feedback.
We believe that Amazon should take responsibility for its inefficiency rather than fighting it. We are on the same team.


You’ve been on Amazon for 12 years and you didn’t know that you couldn’t rewrite a response once you deleted it?


Hello All,
I’m still pretty new here but got 2 negative feedbacks this week.
First one was 2 stars and a complaint about the product leaking inside the box and Amazon struck thru it and took responsibility for it before I even saw it.
The next day I got a 1 star and the customer complained she received an empty box and no product. I only do FBA… so I tried to get the feedback removed as I believe it is an FBA issue and after several emails they won’t take it down or strike thru it.
The first attempt was an instant no without enough time to even read the email I sent. After 3 email attempts they said they would no longer respond! What kind of Seller Support is that?! Aren’t us Sellers technically “customers” too with all the fees we pay to Amazon?! Does anyone know how to get thru to a REAL support person?

Also I have been reading the forums for a while and have not posted anything as this has been my first issue with negative feedback since I started selling in May. Looking to share my experience and ask for polite help if anyone has some to offer. Not the negativity and sarcasm I’ve witnessed in the forums.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


No, we are not customers

If you are on the professional plan, you can request a callback through the help menu. This won’t help to get the feedback removed.


negativity and sarcasm is because Amazon makes $$$$$ every year in fees, pay per click etc from me and will not remove a FB that has nothing to do with what I sell. Sellers are upset with Amazon for reasons like this. Nothing you can do but ask the customer to remove the FB.


I have never had to ask for a FB to be removed before. Yes Been on Amazon 12 years use to sell over 50 items a day and with all the changes Amazon made and adding China, Japan etc to the site I’m down to 10. Also never had to pay per click. Thats another thread.


I received a review as well for something we didn’t sell them. I sold the a decal… they just left a review about a computer that was $500.00 and downed my rating to a 2 star. I have replied publicly and asked to contact the buyer.

{content removed} There could be a connection by having the same person review or just a spammer on buyers accounts.

: "A computer without a solid state drive like I ordered. The picture was what I wanted but not what I received but after two attempts on Amazon to get the product I wanted I will deal with this $500 piece of crap I received. I can’t wait another week in the middle of tax season and a divorce. Thanks for not sending what they show. "

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The feedback team is undoubtedly the worst of all Amazon support staff. Since Amazon cares so little about third party sellers’ feedback & reputation, Amazon puts poorly trained entry level staff in this position. Also the staff is instructed to not remove most of the feedback and stick to narrow removal guidelines. It’s very frustrating.


This happened to me last month, I don’t sell or ship to the States yet someone from the States gave a 1 star on one of my products, Amazon won’t do anything. Oddly enough I just got another sale of same product so thankfully some people don’t believe reviews. Too bad you can’t respond to customers or reviews. :frowning:


Had a similar issue.

Buyer left a negative feedback for a FBA order clearly indicating the fragile item was shipped without an Amazon shipping box resulting in a crushed item.

Should have been an easy removal but instead I was threatenened that if I DARE to ask to have this feedback removed, my account will be TERMINATED.

FYI, I have been selling on Amazon for over 5 years and have prefect metrics.


Unless they are bought off, that is.


Many politicians are definitely bought and paid for. State AG’s, on the other hand, seem to be less influenced by big tech money. Look at all the state AG’s collectively going after Google. Had the Feds did their jobs, states would not have needed to go this route.

The biggest problem I see are sellers succumbing to big tech’s every demand. Many sellers don’t want to waste time lodging complaints with the appropriate parties outside of Amazon. Failing to do this ultimately allows seller-side problems to go unnoticed which gets worse over time.


Please contact Amazon and tell them that you sold a sports net and the feedback is for a boot. Unless you show them conclusive evidence of what you sold them and what the feedback is about, they will not remove it. It happened to us twice and they removed the negative feedback for me once I proved that it was a wrong feedback for something I never sold.
Another thing you could do is contact the customer talk to him about this and he can edit the feedback. If not, send them a message through messaging on Amazon stating that it seems a wrong feedback for a wrong product and talk to them over the phone and ask them to reply to the message acknowledging it as a wrong feedback.


Amazon has refused to remove the feedback. It is a computer-generated response. Hit: Get more help and open the case again. Explain briefly that the feedback is about another product, not the one you sold. Be concise. Then, a real person will read it and you might be able to get it removed. Good luck.


I’m having the exact same issue as OP. The feedback even calls out the actual seller who sold the item and what the item is supposed to be and Amazon still refuses to help. The first response accused me of shipping the wrong item out (the listing is FBA) and here’s the second reply:

Hello From Amazon Selling Partner Support

We found that [Buyer Storename] has earned high feedback ratings from most buyers. Buyers notice this positive feedback and take it into consideration when making ordering decisions.

The best way to deal with negative feedback is to resolve any transaction issues with the buyer. The buyer could then remove the feedback if they feel it is appropriate. Do not pressure buyers to remove feedback.

If this does not work, however, you must consider the matter resolved; we will not be able to review the feedback for this order again.

Thank you for selling with Amazon

I’ve had this happen around 3-4 times back in 2019, but luckily enough that was before their policy changes around the feedback system so I managed to get a rep to remove them for me. Now it seems impossible to remove a feedback unless you can get a hold of the customer. Good luck with that.


Did that and same response contact customer.