Buyer has changed one star review to 5 star, but 1 star is still showing on my order defect rate


A buyer recently accidentally gave us a 1 star review, when she meant to give us a 5 star. She immediately changed it to 5 star and now on the product page it shows as 5 star. However, it is still showing up as a 1 star on our account health order defect rate. What can I do? I requested removal of the feedback through amazon and the response I received was the following:

"This is Deborah and I hope this email finds you well.

From your correspondence I understand you are looking to assist a buyer to change the star rating for a product. Thank you for sharing this important concern with us.

At this time, is the buyer encountered a mismatch of information in the star rating left on a product review, please assist them to contact our Customer Service by Amazon, as this processes are not handled by Seller Support,

Amazon strives to cultivate a diversity of opinion on our products while staying within our guidelines. We allow our customers to air their honest thoughts on items they have received. Please note that Seller Support cannot take further action on this matter."

I have contacted the buyer and the told me that they’d contact Amazon Customer Service to change the feedback. Afterwards she sends me a message and tells me that Amazon Customer Service has told her that she already changed her feedback and that it is 5 star everywhere. On feedback manager it is showing 1 star, thus affecting order defect rate and account health. However it isn’t 5 star everywhere. On my order defect rate it still shows up as negative feedback. The buyer is very happy with the service I provided and she just made an error accidentally when submitting the initial feedback. Can you please help? I have been doing everything in my power to remove it for the last 2 weeks. Please help me.


You can not get your metrics changed. Just move on and ignore it.



Where exactly does it show that?

Product Pages show “Reviews”, and then by the seller name they also show “Seller Feedback.”

So this would be “Feedback.” Maybe there is some confusion over which area the comment was left?


ODR is on a rolling calendar.

I don’t know the frequency but, you gotta wait for it to refresh.


Product reviews do not affect your ODR.

You must be talking about feedback.

Buyers cannot change feedback – only remove it.


Thank you very much for your answer, it is truly much appreciated. How can they remove it? She told me she has tried but it seems like she must’ve been doing something wrong. What can she do?


Sorry my error, I meant Feedback. What can be done about the feedback? On the review it’s 5 star, and she only accidentally gave 1 star feedback. She really wants to change it, but when contacting customer support she wasn’t able to understand how to do it. Could you please explain how she can change it or remove it?


This is a just a copy of a old post from MAV-DAK on this subject:

The help file process is complicated so we decided we email them a direct link:

This will display all the orders they have made feedback for with the newest feedback first. Scroll until you find the picture of the item for this order. Click the ‘Remove’ button for the feedback.


The current link is:


Thank you !


Hello @Pierre_Lorren_Jewell

Alberto here with some help. I see that you are looking to remove a review from affecting your order defect rate.

Is this review pushing your order defect rate past the threshold of 1% putting your account at risk of deactivation?

If removing this one feedback from your account will not lower your defect rate under the threshold of 1%, you can focus more on future orders and ensuring they are properly fulfilled. The more orders you sell without a defect, the faster your defect rate will drop. Like @StL1 mentions, the order defect rate is in a 60-day time window. You might still have time to lower your defect rate before the start of the new time window.

In regards to keeping on track with your order defect rate, here is a list of considerations regarding order management:

  • Sourcing: Are you sourcing the product from a trusted supplier?
  • Listing: Is the product accurately described?
  • Labelling: Are you following Amazon policy regarding labelling requirements?
  • Packaging: Is the product in its original packaging as listed?
  • Shipping: Do you have quality checks to ensure that the product is stored, packed, and shipped appropriately?

Another best practice is suggested by @bookwormapril

Many of these ideas are explained on this help page regarding order defects.

I hope the seller forms community and I can help guide you towards the right direction.

Best Regards,