Buyer bought the wrong item himself and left negative review for my item?


I hate this kind of buyer!
he did not go through our page clearly and bought the wrong item.
then he left the review to admit his mistake " I made a mistake when I brought this light. I thought it was a XXX that went on and off. " 3 stars based on your fault?! excuse me?
Frustrated more, I contact him and got the reply that he would like to keep the wrong item, but did not update/delete the negative review.
please, why should I bear his fault? XXX function has never ever appeared in my listing at all!!!


Unfortunately, buyers like this exist. They are usually part of the “Entitled” class. Amazon’s policies that clearly favor buyers have instilled this type of behavior in them.
However, in your case, the buyer decided to keep the item. This goes against the regular actions of the above mentioned class. Usually, they push for a full refund without returning it.
The review is not the worst and since Amazon does not remove reviews, all you can do is leave a professional reply to the review but in this case, I wouldn’t.
Bottom line, put on your big boy pants, suck it up, and move on.


I assume you are actually referring to a product review found on the product description page. Amazon will not remove it, as reviews are an expression of personal opinion. Sell a few hundred more and it will get lost in the pile. :train2:


I had the exact same issue about 3 years ago but worse.
Buyer left one star. Rating said, “I bought the wrong item.”
I asked Amazon to remove it, since it is not a product rating. They did remove it.
But that was when common sense was still in style. Nowadays it is much harder.
But you should always try.
Good luck.